Son Of The Orb, Episode 7


Ethan: oooh hahaha he laughed on uneasily as he quickly hid it behind his back. Smiles# not for ladies.
Phiona: even friendly onces?? She said raising her left eye brows.
Ethan: theres just something about her that is so out of place he just couldnt figure that out. He just smiled and nodded. Have got to go now, nice to meet you phiona
phiona: why are you in such a hurry i wanted to hang out with you, she said with a sad face
Ethan: have got chores to finish sorry about that
Phiona: facial expression showed that of disappointment, he wanted to take it by force, but on a second thought how is it that its in the hands of a mere mortal?? Alright then see you some other time ethan. She watched him leave
His instinct was never wrong but he felt a little bit dissapointed letting the kid go.
Boreas: patiences boreas patiences!!!, the scroll is yours to take when you want it, and how you want it. She smiled to herself as she turned to leave.
he opened the door gently to peep, there was no one insight, he got in slowly and noisely, carefully closing the door. Just when he turned, her saw his mum and dad standing distance away watching him with folded arms.
Ethan: aaaaaargggh he screamed in shock were did you come from??
Katherine: where have you been??
Ethan: smiling uhmm i went on a brief stroll.
Spencer: with the scroll i guess
Ethan: busted# uhmmm am sorry he said with a pleading face.
Katherine: what were you up to??
Ethan: after touching the scroll earlier today it glowed, just wanted to know why.
Katherine: pissed# by sneaking outside with it??
Spencer: honey calm down
katherine: walking towards him what were you even thinking!! What if you got hurt in the process??
Ethan: am sorry mum
katherine: you are grounded ethan no library visiting too for one week and am not talking about it.
Ethan: bent his face down in shame as he climbed the stairs slowly.
Spencer: walking towards katherine, thats ok honey. He said talking her upstairs.
Later that night spencer walked into his room to see him lying on his bed looking moody.
Spencer: can i come in
Ethan: yes dad
Spencer: smiles# do not think even for a second, that your mum hates you. You have no idea how worried she was when she found out you werent in your room.
Ethan: i thought you wouldnt want me anywere near the scroll so i went on my own.
Spencer: i understand but you dont just do things because you feel they are right. You have to know the effect of your decison on your loved once too.
Ethan: i wont do it again, i promise.
Spencer: thats my boy, he said smiling and uhmm you being grounded he paused a while as ethan anxiously waited to hear some goodnews. Its still valid he said with a smile.
Ethan: aaaarrrgh….he collapsed back on his bed covering his face with his pillows
they took there night shower and was clad in there nighties, la!d on their bed in silence.
Spencer: you know you cant keep him away from the truth forever katherine.
Katherine: with a bit wet eyes i really wish at this point he was a normal child.
Spencer: its our duty to let him know, or his gonna find out himself. He said softly