Son Of The Orb. Episode 10


Phiona returned after several minutes. We found ourselves actually chatting rather than reading.
Soon it was time to go. We all walked out of the library with frank smiling sheepishly. Dux resumed her barkings as soon as we evacuated the building. All efforts to shut her up proved futile.
Frank: guys, i’m taking the other way.
Me: smile# see you soonest!
Frank: rubbing his jaws# Fi, may i have your contact?
Phiona: i don’t have a cell phone!!!!!
Frank: surprised# in this age and time! are you kidding me?
Phiona: great! He is making the job alot more easier for me.
Lets have your digits, i’d give you a call. Is that okay?
Frank: best thing since sliced bread! Ethan get me a pen and paper!!!!
Me: my papers aint for sharing contacts *tongue out*
frank: díck head! Give me or i take it by force! Smile#
me: then get it!!!!!
He reached for my backpack i quickly raised it above me head. Frank started chasing me i was swerving in circles. Having fun with the whole scenario.
Phiona: aaaarh this Ethan kid is a pain in the neck! She muttered some sesian words and pointed her index finger to their direction.
Me: i was running and smiling when suddenly a black green eyed snake crawled out from nowhere. It almost bit my heel i fell with a thud.
Frank: hahahahahahaha the racer is down.
Me: i saw a snake!!!
Frank: snake?!!! Stop joking around no snake around here.
He helped me up, i looked around. The snake had left.
Phiona: funny kids! Tired of mortal formular1? Her laughs were uncontrollable.
Frank: i must go now! The paper please.
I tore a sheet out of my book and gave him a pen too.

Frank: he scribbled down some numbers. Here you go sweet….phiona.
He jogged away while Fi and i continued walking.
Me: you live around here right? Where exactly?
Phiona: wanna visit?
Me: i would answer that after knowing your house.
Phiona: i live in wonder land.
Me: waoh! How doer it look like?
Phiona: smile# kidding. You’d know my house when the need arises.

We already reached my house. I waved her goodbye then branched home. Mum was feeding the horses.
Me: mum!!! I ran and hugged her tightly.
Mum: what took my baby so long? She asked after pecking me.
Me: reading.
Mum: sure? What happened to your clothes and who is that lady i saw you with? Frown#
Me: busted!# the lady? Smile# oh! The lady! I met her while coming. Her handbag fell in a ditch so i helped her get it.
This is the first time i’m lying to her. I had to! I don’t want her nagging about my association with strangers.
Mum: i’m proud of you son. Go get your self a clean clothe. Dinner is ready.
Me: yeeeah! Your the best mum ever.
Mum: exhale# smile#