Endless Tears Episode 3


you will the senator declared and every one turned to him. I didn’t give a d–n to what he said.
what are u saying dad, am suppose to marry Lisa and I will I love her” he said with finality.
you should have thought about her before sleeping with another woman. you must face the consequence of ur action, u wouldn’t make me loose my election because of ur foolishness. come with me right now . Alex and the mother followed the senator and Alex looked like someone going to war.
Tears followed freely and dad did not waste time to rain insult on me telling me I brought shame to his family.Mum tried to consoled me but it was fruitless because I was already broken. I couldn’t believe my eyes and my ears. how come my life suddenly turned to a horror movie before my eyes within an twinkling of an eye.
I didn’t know how long we waited may one hour or two but suddenly they all come in. coper bello looked bad and all worked up and pasted caring.
Get all the preparation ready they are getting married next week the senator declared.
” better dad said
well there will no need for any preparation because I will not marry him.
u must be out of ur mind my DAT shouted.
oh no am not mad papa in fact am very normal” there us no way I will marry this man I said forcefully, with silent finality hoping everyone will support me and my face was hard like a stone.
Alex burst out laughing mockingly but soon replaced with a wicked grin I was past feeling intimated. u would pass for talent dramer queen only that I doubt if ur looks will pass the test. stop pretending like u hate marring me, is it not ur ultimate goal in the first place?? I know marring me is the goal of a village reg like u. local champion seeking to change ur life by force. he hissed thru clashing teeth.
I swallowed hard and smiled bitterly. u can insult me coper but it will not change what I have said. and I have no interest in someone who thinks of me as a sexual satisfaction.
he called u what u called ur self the senators wife declared.
don’t u dare call my daughter names u witch my mum shouted.
Perfect Alex declared suddenly. since there is evidence that non of us wants tone tied down in the name of marriage and she doesn’t want to flush that run she’s carrying it better I settle her and change her poverty stinking life.
I smiled painfully as the pains increased to bigger degrees. now u want to pay me that makes me a s–t doesn’t it copper?. I don’t want ur money copper and I began walking to the door.
where do u think u are going my dad asked. I stopped in track. I think the pregnancy is beginning to affect ur reasoning .come back here this minute ” he roared.
I said the only option is marriage no one in my lineage has a child outside wedlock and it will not start with me. she is pregnant and she must difinatly give birth inner husband house. dad faced me with anger in his face if u won’t agree to this marriage u can as well forget u are my daughter because I will disown u.

I gasped as his word reached my ears, papa “”
I mean it Amara” he said seriously. I knew my dad I know he his not joking. mum did not even have a say coz my dad silent her before words came out From her mouth.
don’t bother saying anything woman when I disown her u will follow her”
real pains of betrayal bubbled up, and hot tears rolled down my checks.
u either marry this boy or pack ur things and leave my house. along with ur mother I won’t have u bring disgrace to my house and family”.
I was crying now, If it where up to me alone, I would let it go to hell but I defiantly would not allow any body suffer for my mistake I foolishly made with open eyes. I was very aware that copper was pacing around the pallor, the senator and his wife have grown mute. Alex eyes caught mine and stop pacing looking at me angrily than I have ever seen in his eyes. in my nineteen years of experience his hands where squeezed tightly and I could see his vains, I thought he would match toward me and punch the baby out of my tummy and my hands instantly went to my tummy, trying to protect my baby: if anything he looked angrier instead of the feeling of fear which could be expected,
my anger matched his and I thought o would fly into pieces due to excess bottled up anger that inside me. well anger was better than the feeling of hurt and betrayal I told my self.
when is the marriage taking place I asked???
I looked at my self in the massive mirror I almost started crying again, but I quickly stopped my self against it. I have just spent the longest week in my life almost crying my self to sleep I have not eating enough to carry the infant alive as I looked at the mirror. I looked ghostly and spent. I know that am not that fair but I looked white and pale, with my eyes deep in their socket. even after I accepted to marry Alex I have not set my eyes on him and am very grateful for that miracle.
Thou we were made to stay in one boys quarter in the senators mansion I wish I was back and happy in my village either going off to the river or fetching the wood. I should be writing my waec by now. fresh tears came running down my eyes, yet another dream died: the dream of getting married to a man happily someone who will love me, but as fate would have it am not only getting married to a man who saw me as a dirty village gal and also a s–t.
in few minutes I will no longer be Amara peter I will be Amara bello. this filled my with so much pains that I had to hold the table.
the door was opened and my mum walked inside with a white gown. Ami u need to get dressed my dear.
I wanted to run away as fast as I could but remembered my dad’s waring.
I was able to get this she explained shakily, it not a proper gown but it would serve.
I blinked after some seconds, I shaked my head
am not getting married mama am been sentence to life imprisonment I can’t wear this, it not a happy event am not destined to be happy. she pulled me to her arms if it were up to me u will not marry that useless boy I hate seeing u sad, I want u to be happy Ami she said sadly. and pains sliced thru me.
I walked out of the room for the first tym since we step into the house, mum walked behind me into the mansion at the time they gave us for the wedding. I felt nothing at all walking like a zombie on display looking at the suppose alter in the large sitting room my heart race when I saw someone like a pastor on a suit standing by the alter the senator and his wife was already there. no sign of Alex I pray he doesn’t come.