Endless Tears Episode 4


After waiting for about 30minute copper finally showed up.I swallowed hard the moment he entered, it could have been better if I was not fully aware of his present and stupidly in love with him.but despite all when he entered I saw the sudden change of atmosphere his perfume drifted to my nostrils. he looked very angry tensed because his vains were pronounced, he looked as if he has spent hours running he didn’t spear me more Dan a glance since he stepped in.he matched towards the alter like a sacrifice meant for the gods. ” make it fast as possible he told the pastor I need to be out of here by five minute time he said
My mum forced me to stand up my feet almost gave way as I looked like someone about to face the firing squad . I walked in stiff legs until I got beside the copper who was completely still glaring at the pastor. the pastor moved uncomfortably looking at us in horror and sympathy.
Do u Alex Bello take Amara peters as ur lawful wedded wife to love and to hold in sickness and it health, in good times and in bad time in sorrow in plenty and in want till death do u part?
yes I do Alex answered without wasting time.
Do u Amara peters take this man Alex bello as ur lawful wedded husband to have and to hold in sickness and in health in plenty and in want in sorrow and in comfort till death u part?
the word sorrow ” stuck my head as the word came crushing down my heart am about to face a life full of sorrow. my mum squeezed my shoulder remaining I need to respond.
yes I squeak…
where is the ring the pastor demanded.
is that necessary Alex shouted.
here is it the senator wife declared. magically providing two rings the pastor gave one to copper and asked him to repeat after him””
is this necessary can’t I just put the ring on her finger?? his voice rose up and I stood still like a stick, without waiting for the pastor approval he took my left hand forcefully and put the ring. he took the other ring from the pastor and put it on his own finger . is that all?? he growled
by the power invented in me I pronounce u husband and wife.
you may now kiss ur bride.
that is irrelevant he hissed in annoyance and left the alter. what do I sign he asked impatiently. the pastor brought some documents to be sigh
he sighed quickly and I scaled thru shaking. when everything was dully sighed he looked at me angrily “” satisfied now” someone would bring u to my house in the evening. I hope u can handle been my wife he declared he a and matched out of the room with a backward glance. I paced one stiff leg to another until I got to my room where I cried my self to sleep. before sleep took me it occurred to me that this the beginning of my sorrow
I opened my eyes at the tap of my mums hand, Amara wake up u have to go to ur husband’s house. I felt a bit hot and feverish.
Amara ur husband have sent someone to come and pick up, she said.
my heart beat has increased with fear. she touched my head coming instantly to my neck. my God ur temperature is too high are u sick my dear? jumping at once.
” am fine mama” I Murmured .
you are hot as a boiling kettle. u can’t go anywhere today let me get u some drugs, I will tell the guy to come and get u tomorrow she said quickly.
No mama I will leave this place today.
she frowned, u are not well Amara let my take care of u I know that useless husband if urs will not do anything she said with anger.
Her anger was starting to irritate me, whether u like it or not am leaving this this today. I have sighed the contract of marriage and it high time I stop postponing the inevitable and start leaving the life I have sighed up for. I tried to stand up, hiding my slight discomfort, my tummy hadn’t started showing because I was two month gone. but as I sat up I could not with stand the dizziness I felt I shut my eyes fie some second until I felt safe to open them.
“” pls be reasonable Amarachi mum said as I put my legs on my slippers.
am the only one reasonable here mama. I stopped. wait am the most unreasonable and senseless person on earth, but I knew mama that marriage to copper is the most foolish thing I have done, I turns my hurt face to her. even God knows I have made a grt mistake and I don’t deserve forgiveness. do I have to spend the rest if my life paying for one mistake?? I cried when I discovered that copper was a wicked man, I was ready to take care of the child alone , I wanted to, I only needed the support of my parents even if it where only u. but u didn’t support me mama u could not stand up to ur husband u never could even when am ur only child. now I have done what papa wants me to do. please don’t try to stop me, because I will not listen to u.
opened the door leaving my mum white faced with tears running down her face. I knew I was transforming my anger to her I was but I couldn’t help my self. I have blamed my self too much for my misfortune.
dad stood up as he saw me coming my sweet daughter u have done well and am proud of u. I looked at him . ” what” something is wrong somewhere was this not the man making my life a leaving hell some hours back.
my daughter this kind of opportunity hardly comes by, if not for the fact I didn’t perceive the smell of achol I could have said he is drunk.my child I know I have been hard on u but it for a good course. u know am lucky having u as a daughter and stop beating ur self over this pregnancy issues it a gift from God. it the key to our break through. look gal u are very . God has just answered our prayers, unknowingly u have taking our family from gulter and u have placed us in the palace.
What are u saying papa?””
what I just heard from my father’s mouth was too much to bear, so this has been his plans ever since?? my mum came towards us looking at us surprise.
I entered into the car and we drove off to the coppers house, the car entered a large compound leaving me breathless it was not as big as his fathers house but the design was too beautiful. I instantly feel out of place.
when the car was finally parked I stepped out of it looking frozen am I excepted to live here??..
how would I cope with it. I had slept in the BQ in the senator house even that was too much luxury for me.
The driver took my sack of cloths with two fingers like a trash leading me to the massive house.