Endless Tears Episode 5


I was right the house is beautiful a young pretty gal about my age approach me with a apron tied around her waist gave her my bag and left me standing with her.
Hello she said, as if she was talking to a child. Mr Alex told me u where coming and that should show u to ur room . she explained I smiled and followed her lead.
She lead me thru a narrow passage in silence as it occur to me that she might be a staff. still in the narrow passage, we passed two doors facing each other and took three step before the gal stop. she opened the door I followed her inside there was a mattress on the floor enough to fit in one person.
the gal smiled oh pls forgive my manners am Tina you will meet another gal called tola, a the Cook and she’s the cleaner my room is opposite urs am sure u are Amara.
yes I am” pls where is Oga room?? I asked her or does he stay in one of the rooms we passed.
she laughed off course no his room is upstairs his toilet is even bigger than the room we the staff stay.
What the hell is going on here , before I could voice out my fear. we heard a car horned and the gal ran out saying Oga is here I need to serve his food he asked me not to talk to u .pls don’t tell him I did.
I stood still feeling really bad , so am to stay with the maid in my own husband house. it can’t be real this has to stop. I didn’t know how long I stood at the middle of the room but suddenly the door got opened I turned around to see Alex coming inside he entered and closed the door behind him.
I see you have fulling sitted, since u forcefully pushed ur way into my life. let me make the rules in this house u are in this house as a maid not a wife, don’t ever mention to any one we sigh any contract of marriage. or worse u are carrying something of mine in that ur tummy he said with disgust. every one here has been informed that u are a maid here and that is what u would remain here. u will join tola in doing the cleaning and house chores I don’t want u in the kitchen I don’t want my food infected. do u understand me?
I was dumbfounded, how do u expects me to be a maid in my husband house copper? what did I ever do to u??
getting pregnant was ur offence.

Mr peter stretch his legs before him. life is now beginning to take shape he thought to him self.
he felt over joy over the incident that took place over the past two weeks now, it would have been a disaster if the person who impregnated amara was a poor man. in short he would have disowned her instantly .
he has known when his daughter started following the copper around he made an investigation about him and found out he was rich, but he didn’t know he was this rich to be a son of a Senator. when Alex subjected he would pay them off he wanted to agree but he thought about it. there will be more benefit in marrying him than paying off. he felt happy with him self he had done well, Amara is the key to his fortune all he needed now was for Amara to use her brain and her body to win the love of her husband. he would have to work on that , a little visit to her place will do the magic.
A big smile touched his lips as he thought of owing an apartment here in Abuja. he had gotten a pretty a mouth from Amara dowry now but he had no intention of taking a part of it in renting an apartment. the senator would give them an apartment if he want them out of their house with a little gift off course he laughed to him self. life could be fun he thought.
I walked around the garden in the evening allowing the fresh air into my heart. staying at the garden everyday gives me joy. after the event in the morning this walk is what I needed to free my soul from the hurt it felt. I banished my bad memories thought about my life in the village my fingers toyed with the flowers when unexpectedly the copper walked in with a woman, I was shocked to my bones . who is the hell that woman I thought in annoyance she looked st him and smiled and put his hand around her waist.
I have seen enough I said and matched to the kitchen without a word, Tina looked at me and asked what was wrong. is Tola getting onur neck again she asked??
I shoke my head now that she had mentioned it I haven’t set my eyes on that gal today and it was not my concern and I wish I never saw her ever again.
No she isn’t I said softly”,.
Then what is the matter with you she asked out of concern.
nothing g just a mood swing I answered” unable to stop myself , who is that woman with erm Mr Alex? .
oh is he back? that would be Lisa his fiancée she declared.
Fiancée? I shouted , she didn’t notice how I felt and thank God for that….
I don’t like her, she’s too arrogant and disrespectful I wonder what my boss saw in that woman. any way am sure it her beauty that captured him. she continued” she is too fine for her own good I wonder what I will do if her marry her my life would be hell.
I breached, ” marry”?
she faced me yes marry , our boss is already preparing the marriage plans by next month.
no it can’t be I shouted.
y are u like this . u already dislike her too. she asked in wonder.
I was finding it hard to breath it can’t be happening . I shoke my head quickly running out of the kitchen , I made a hasty retreat to my room I decided then and there that there* was no way am staying in that house again. this was obviously too much to bear. it high time I take the destiny of me and my child in my hands. I went to pack the few things I owned including my rags.