Endless Tears Episode 6


I carried my sack of clothes effortlessly as I marched towards the sitting room angrily.
obviously I have had enough of this melodrama.
which has been constantly replay in my life. jezz, it was abundantly clear I made a mistake but should I be treated like a subject leper because of it. well it coming to an end. this has gone far because I allowed it. trying to pit how I felt under control before getting to the sitting room. I won’t spoil my exit ranting like a child.
I entered the sitting room unceremoniously
and my blood stilled before it explored to my head, Alex sat down on a chair and that snake of a woman was sitting on is lap, she ran her hand on his head , his chest , shoulder his lips anger boiled thru me . making me feel I will burst into pieces.
coper raised his head on a cold smiled on seeing me, I froze’. what going on here was he expecting me to show up. he did not look surprised or angry that I was standing there. it was as if he had know all the long that I would come there. he met my eyes and bent to kiss the lady’s shoulder and I almost explored to my feet, the woman head went backwards instantly and in the process saw me and she sat up
Who are u and what are u doing standing there she asked on a raised voice. I fixed her with an angry glare.
” I think u carry out ur improper inside the bedroom than fooling around here I retorted”.
she stood up from coppers leg with hands on her hip” are u mad” she yelled and turned to coper. Alex what the meaning of this and who is this girl she turned and looked at me from head to toe her anger seems to flare…. how come did u get a new Maid without informing me.
she has called him Alex that alone inflame me. why hadn’t I thought to call him in his name instead of copper am used to. maybe if I had he would seen me differently.instead of the secondary school drop out I am. anyway there was no way to re- write that mistake I am leaving.
Alex seemed a little shaken.
Don’t u dare call me a maid I shouted at her .
the looked like he would match and come and kill me.
And what are u , it was copper oh sorry Alex that spoke he was glaring at me as if daring me to speak, Oh he thought he had put fear in me to keep mute . he doesn’t know me at all.
oh I will tell u who I am, I said putting a wicked smile on my face I turned to face the queen diva when the door suddenly opened

I turned around to see the senator and his wife standing, if there is anything like bad timing their entrance would perfectly fit in. but that did not stop me at all.
get back to ur room amara Alex ordered”
I didn’t move an inch. the lady clapped her hands in bewilderment. like she was still finding it hard to understand what was going on. I turned to Alex parents since everyone seems to have forgotten their manner.I quickly put that right.
good morning sir, good morning ma, I greeted them bending down slightly. I move them to them given them a chair, am sorry for the scene u just witnessed, pls make ur self comfortable. feeling proud of my self. I knew that once I got out of the cloud I will be sorry for my self. I could be quite entertaining.they moved in with confusion. the senator smiled a little looking at everyone.
before they uttered their unspoken questions
I asked quickly what they would like to drink? I do believe we have something u would like to have,I knew nothing about what I was saying anyways.
coper no Alex I will have to practice to learn how to call his name, he seems grumbling something but I missed it, I put a nice smile on my face, pretending to be aware of the tension around me.
Alex mother glared at me saying I want nothing.
oh I would like something get me fruit wine please dear, the senator said. I smiled victoriously. I had no idea what a fruit wine look like but surly I will not disappoint them.
just a minutes sir with that I ran out of the parlor, into the kitchen meeting Tina I asked her where the fruit wine is kept. she said it in the wine bar in the parlor. my blood dried as she said that, I have just made a fool of my self I thought angrily . but nevertheless I will correct it. tola looked at me, what did u just do . she questioned prepare to be sacked I just ignored her facing Tina pls where can show me the wine glass.
inspiration hit me I ran to the cabinet picking two glasses.
Madam that is not a wine cup tola shouted” I didn’t have her time I ran out.
as I placed the two glasses at their front. I explained pls make do of this glasses I fear the glasses at the bar might be unclean as it might not be good to ur system I was saying arrant nonsense I knew fulling well, but I parented I mean what am saying. I would just get the wine. I walked to the bar remembering Tina’s description. I picked the cherry wine I saw walked back to them trying to open the wine.
opening the wine was very difficult because I have never opened a wine before. the senator collected it from me saying it too hard for my tender fingers. I stood with a satisfied looked on my face.
can someone tell me what this maid is doing here, who the hell is she??