Endless Tears Episode 7


Who the hell is she , the lady’s patient seems it have snapped. what is this maid doing here and what is she saying.
She was really saucy I thought. am sure she didn’t even greet the senator and his wife.
how can Alex marry this thing?.
which maid the senator questioned. she’s my son’s wife the earlier u accept her as ur wife the better for u Alex.
I was laughing slightly I wanted to talk but Alex cut in, talking for the first time since his parent stepped in, i called him Alex. his surprised expression was showing when he discovered that I called his name for the first time without mentioning copper. his deadly face burnt angrily
u can’t do anything to me Alex , sir I was made to resume the duty of a maid the very day I married ur son.
what” the senator shouted.
married the girl yelled. I wish I could remember her name, but frankly I kept forgetting. she turned to Alex who was looking at me. he looked uncomfortable , I guess his gal Frd or fiancée made him so. ” what sort of s–t is this Alex she shouted”. he stood behind her , I can explain he said to her.
she picked her bag , explain to the dogs she hissed , matching out of the sitting room. Alex ran after her pleading.
the senators voiced rang out.
Alex bring back ur self here and explain this trash I just witness.
if eyes could kill I was sure I could have been dead. I swallowed heavily as I thought I might gone too far. because Alex was boiling with rage as he march to the place I was standing. holding me by the shoulder ” are u crazy woman? was I not clear enough when I told u to close ur mouth do u have any ideal of what ur stupidity have coursed?
Alex the senator shouted, so u have the right to cause nuisance of ur self in my presence, when is there an history that I have rough handled ur mother the way u are doing now to ur wife?let go of her now this instant. the senator was on his feet now with anger. I had trouble finding who is more angrier between the two of them. Alex glare at me, the senator glare at Alex the senator wife glare at her husband. the equation became balance.
mark u should be in support of ur son instead of scolding him for the piece of trash,I don’t blame Alex for treating her like a maid. she certainly look like one.
will u shut up woman” he barked at her as he faced her, do I blame Alex? I wonder what devil entered him to be behaving like this. I will winger that the devil looks like you.she gasped and her face turned red. Alex fingers dug into my shoulders painfully. I have defiantly done every thing wrong. as much I I dislike my evil mother- inlaw, I didn’t want anyone to get insulted because of me. I opened my mouth to speak before I could the senator jumped in, y do I get the strange feeling that this whole made thing is from u?? he glared at her.
” are u insulting my mum because of this thing dad” Alex rasped as his anger seems to have increased.
This tin is the woman u impregnated. as long as u remain my son, u have to accept her, if u don’t love her u have to learn to he said with a seriousness in his face.
am a grown up man dad as long as I respect u does not mean u can teach me how to run my family. am capable to do what I like with any one in my house. u know me well enough that I don’t take orders from anyone.
the senator smiled dangerously making my heart skip a bit, the senator walked gently . circling Alex and i.
u are my son probably the most stubborn man on earth I agree, u should know that every stubborn man has a father. if I remember correctly amara father threatened to disown her if she didn’t get married to u. my hrt raised as I discovered where his talk is leading to.
Sir , I pleaded.
be quite amara am talking to my son.
I will not threaten to disown u because u are my only son, how ever the child in her womb is also my grandchild and I would not have u to subject er to hard duties, if u refuse to treat Amara as ur wife I will withdrew u from as the head at
Bello crews.
what” Alex gasped

What Alex shouted, as the words sank in. u can’t be serious dad”.
what have I done.
I have gone too far . u can’t be serious honey the senator wife said in horror.
You can’t do DAT dad I have spent many years running that business. u can’t surly take it from me now. he gasped out. I wondered how that was even possible because he just finished his service. but that was lest of my worries..
I can , and I will do just that. not only that u will remove u from been a board member at Belzic.
I mean what I just said , Alex u know me.
Oh my God there is no need for all this sir, it is really not necessary to fight in ur family because of me. am sure I can’t bear that I chocked at the thought. I have defiantly done every thing wrong. as u can all see that is my bag am leaving right now, pls don’t withdrawn the company from him or anything for that matter I have caused so many things it better I leave now.
the senator smiled, like Alex said before I can’t run his family, son the mother of ur child is about to leave the house. it is for both of u to decide. you either find a way to make her stay or leave. Chris have been eyeing ur position for long am sure he will gladly take it now. well I will look out for that. he said with a silent threat.
He turned to his wife and said it would better to be heading home. we have a lot to talk about. for the first time the senators wife looked angry and they left.
I was stunned to be alone with the man that was suppose to be my husband my legs started going weak from the tension I just experience. but looking at Alex as he pace. I discovered facing his wrath can be more scary than what I just experienced. I was tired I didn’t have any strength to query with him again I just took my sack bag. I could not believe that was going to be sperate from my husband within one week of marriage .normal couples would still be in their honeymoon but am not in that picture. I guess it good bye copper” I said it felt so good to call him Alex in the presence of everyone, but since they have all gone it better I call him copper. and where do u think u are going to. he glowed coming to stand at my front.