Endless Tears Episode 8


standing at my front, to where I can find peace.
I want a divorce or an annulment since the marriage hasn’t been consummated I said with a loud voice.
Oh u can raise ur force at me , u are happy u are leaving me destroyed he asked with anger in case u don’t bello crews is my life after my secondary school I spent four years learning managerial tatis from my father until I became an expert even more better than my father. after gaining admission I managed the company from school by given orders telling them what to be done . I will be dam if another person takes over what I have toiled for .
I felt for him, with the way he tales about the company I know he loved it. but I see no reason why it should affect me. and I see no reason why u are telling me I told him.
you can’t leave this house , u have to stay.

I inhaled as anger set in again, sacrifice my happiness and freedom because of ur company.
how dare u, u have some nerves. u have given me nothing but sadness if not for this child I could have cursed the day I met u. where is copper bello because the man standing here isn’t him.
a pained featured crossed his face but between a second it disappeared. I am sorry but I know this is selfish of me but look at it positively. ur parent would still disown u if u leave me and u would have no where to go in this large city, u will have a roof over ur head and food also. he started pacing again as if he could not believe the words coming out of his mouth. it ur only choice because I will not give u divorce.
I laughed softly, u think that would stop me? I will rather sleep in the street Dan been a maid in my husband’s house.
You won’t be a maid , u will be reorganized as the woman of the house. u would have ur own room upstair including everything u need.
but there is one thing I will never have right? my husband”he nodded we will both leave together we are free to do what Ever we want. u have the right to go anywhere and be with anyone u like. me also, we are both matured to manage the situation we found our self.
in other words like strangers I asked bitterly.
you must admits it makes perfect sense. he said
This dream will never end from been a maid to leave as a tenant in my own husband house can life get any worst I signed deeply but thinking about it, it was not totally bad. once I get my stupid motion that Alex would come to love me later the better for me. I said ok.
perfect then, ask Tina to show u the rooms upstair pick ur choice I have to out now when I come back I will give u the credit card. for u to mk use for what ever u need. I would also make a lawyer sigh this our agreement so that it would be legal this would protect both of us I hope it OK, I nodded.
I don’t know what a credit card looks like.I got to the kitchen and I met the two ladies looking like they have just falling. am sorry for keeping this away from u Tina who have been good to me from day one. y tola was afraid to look at me. there is no doubt that they have heard everything.
I smiled , Tola I want u to select me a good room upstairs that have a nice view to the garden. make sure it looking clean without a dust. do u understand? she was silent . she nodded , good girl and be fast about it. I smiled to Tina and left the kitchen. the happiness of taking every one by surprise vanished as I took each step up stairs by agreeing to Alex arrangement have given him more right to hurt me.since we both agreed to do what ever we want he will be bringing more woman to the house. I pray I will have the strength to withstand what ever he is planing to do