Endless Tears Episode 9


Two weeks dragged by the swell of my tummy became visible for all to see. unfortunately the only thing that saw me swell was the four wall of my room, Alex have brought the agreement just like he talked about two weeks ago. and I signed it instantly, wanting to get the deal over with.
ever since I signed the documents I haven’t set my eyes on him. it was not surprising since I hardly sept out side my room , I had everything I needed there. I paid tola her own coins. making her do everything from washing to cleaning I really frustrated her. it wasn’t really long before I got tired it wasn’t in my nature to be wicked. so I decided to apply maturity by ignoring her. she was surly regretting her earlier maltreatment of me.
Tina was helpful as usual never letting me rest, she tried seeing me as the madam I am not comfortable with. living big seem strange , and it was almost scary. I needed a friend to stand by me. after schooling her and letting her see me as a friend Dan a maid she finally agreed. thou she still gives me the respect . Tina have been responsible to make sure I always eat she will talk me to death if I refuse to eat it was annoying most times but it gave me hope that someone really cared for me. I wondered y my mum haven’t visited, if my dad didn’t it would save me from mental trauma.
I needed my mother more than I can explain even though she behaves too softly making people ride her too many tyms I still love her so much. despite my dad bad behavior I still love him but will be more happy to avoid him for now, our poor State seems to have made him wicked.
I signed and got up the bed to answer nature call I have been urinating too frequently because am pregnant after emptying my bladder I went back heard a knock and I knew it Tina she has her own pattern of knocking. come in Tina I said the dizziness I was feeling was gone . and thank God for my apatite that was improving and thanks to Tina.
she looked at me gently , I have been planing to ask u this . are u not going to the hospital for check up? antenatal care she said.
I looked at her what is antenatal care , I asked her, I have never heard of it hope it not too late??
I claimed down the stairs we are going to the hospital then after putting on my faded gown and she was waiting for me even in maid close her appearance was far better than mine. but I didn’t gave a d–n about it, I will be damned if I take Alex money expect for the baby’s need. we walked together and my eyes caught tola looking at us, I turned and told her to pls take care of the house that we would back soon.
yes ma she answered bitterly”
I turned and went out of the house with Tina. do u think u can walk she asked me the hospital is not that far we can manage it if u can walk. I can call a driver to take us.
I laughed. oh Tina this pregnancy is not on my feet I can walk, if I can’t walk now what would happen when am nine months gone? that means I will not be able to lift a finger.
we both laughed and started walking down the beautiful street. I starred shamelessly at the beautiful roads with flowers then I decided that taking a stroll every morning would be nice. it will be good leaving the sad house every morning. it did not take long we got to the hospital and I registered my name and was made to take lectures with many pregnant women it was nice I thought. before leaving the hospital after hours a female doctor approach me asking if I have done scan I said no . she said I should follow her which I did , after the scan I was told my baby was a boy I was really over joyed .
I entered the house hours later , today is the best day of my life I said happily. bubbling with Joy. I was having a boy the thought was so pleasing .à Tina was so right about asking me to go to the hospital.
I opened the door to the sitting room and what I saw there I was frozen Tina almost bumped into me but I wasn’t looking at her, my gaze was fixed on Alex and the woman that was with him kissing and romancing in the sitting room. all the joy that was with me died that minute. I have avoided Alex for several days y did he do this today. what was so annoying was that he was with the same w—e he was with last time.I wondered y she’s here knowing fully well that he is married, she had no shame at all. Tina touched my shoulder gently. I went to them they wee too busy kissing and romancing .
I raised my voice at them, saying I thought the last time u two should move to somewhere private for ur shameful act?
Alex looked at me, telling me we sighed an agreement , I had thought this would happen . I felt the pains. she turned in Alex hand and looked at me . I wondered what Alex saw in you. u look worst than a one night stand and don’t think because of that tin in ur tummy or the wedding band that u have Alex. I have his heart. I have something else to tell u she said.
my hrt began beating fast than normal.
I also have his seed growing in me she said with a hateful look.
the rotation of the earth seems to have stopped that moment, Alex went pale the little witch placed her hands on her flat tummy. I accepted u back Alex because of it I would have gone the moment I left u that day. I would have told u that day but this thing show up and destory it. but since then I decided I would have her audience before breaking the news. she smiled briefly and shouted Alex am pregnant.