Endless Tears Episode 10


What … I cried like she has the answer to it. if I hadn’t slept with Alex my life would have been more better or maybe I will be in the university by now. am I the only cause of my problem?me only me, I just wish I could die.
shhh, don’t say that she. whispered. a wise man once said that if we continue to blame our self for the mistake we once did, we will continue making more of it. but we can get pass them and move on. I know u can she whispered.
I could not level the kind of respect I have for her. I was totally shattered. I can’t I feel trapped and helpless.
yes u can , I know u can pls think of ur baby and be strong. ur adorable baby needs ur strength to be strong u can’t afford to fail him. you can do this. the mention of my baby gave me strength. Tina was totally right I could not afford to be despair. not when my depression can affect my baby . when ever Mr Alex gives u something to make u sad always think of ur baby.
I controlled my sobs until I was left with sniffs .
thanks Tina I don’t know what I could have done without u. I said.
you are welcome ma’am, and here to help you. and u will be fine.
please call me Amara, I smiled at her. do u think I can ever call u Amara she asked.
I felt her smiled without seeing her face.
Mr peter glared at his wife she was just a serious pain in his neck. many a times he wondered y he married such a dull woman because time and time again she never fail to prove she was a fool. he had wondered if their living in poverty had destroyed her ability to reason well. the different between him and his wife was that she was not only poor and her thinking was also poor . what is wrong in turning your brain into money making be barked. u are just a stumbling block to my success.
listen woman I have come this far and will not allow ur stupidity to stop my financial break through. look at this house he waved his hands to the fully furnished apartment the senator rented for them. don’t u like to live a normal good life, don’t u think we have suffered enough. this house is a product of my smart thinking. u should also do something with that brain of urs. my request is simple talk to Amara
encourage her to take advantage of Alex wealth
if she does we can set up a business and our family will be ok.
she looked at her husband, how can you say that. it our daughters life and happiness we are talking about. she’s not happy in that house and u know it. that Alex is a b—–d and I know he his maltreating my daughter. let me go and see my daughter.
he decided to go soft, who told u she’s not happy. money brings happiness. now she can buy anything she needs. do anything she wishes
and go anywhere she want.
Papa Amara money can not buy happiness” she shouted at him.

But it can rent it. Mr Peter said” what ever u can’t buy u can rent it. listen to me woman am ordering u and u must convince her whether u like it or not. talk sense to Amara she listens to u, do ur part in this family else I will get angry. what ever u have been hiding since ages will be in the open for amara to see.
As usual this always gets her attention, y do I always blackmail me with this she asked in pains. what am doing is for our good mama amara stop been stubborn. do as I say will be happy.
I stay in door through out the day the following morning Tina brought break fast to my room. I decided then I will reduce the work for her by going down to eat. I needed to do the house chors to reduced my depression. with strong determination to stop my depressed state I decided to be going for a stroll in the morning. the stroll proved helpful because the street was so beautiful. my mind constantly went to my problems but I quickly removed it from my mind
I sighted a beautiful flower by the side walk and stopped the flowers was so captivating with a hint of pink, white and yellow. my fingers went thru the flowers in amusement and I got lost in my thought. Alex came in my mind this time and I closed my eyes he had given me a flower similar to this one in the village . I was on my way to the stream when he suddenly popped out of the bush. when I saw it was him my fears disappeared I knew he couldn’t hurt me. how wrong if I think of the level of hurt he had given to me, the one he had in store for me. he walked with me to the stream pick up a flower gave it to me. it was the most amazing gesture any man have given to me.
A penny for your thought”.
I jumped in freight, taking my hands out of the flowers. behold a man standing in front of me and was smiling softly I blinked coming back to my sense.
am sorry to have startled you it wasn’t international he said apologizing.
I swallowed to say this guy was handsome would be an understatement. he looked breath taking. his deep voice. he was as tall as Alex and more handsome Dan him with broad shoulders. no one have the right to look this good I said to my self. as I access him he began to smile showing his dimples. I swallowed hard as I saw what was happening. the guy was aware of how he looked. can I ever stop been an idiot I said to my self. did I learn nothing Frim the father of my unborn child? my face came up with sadness.
I hope u like what u see the guy said out laughing. jezz did he know how handsome he looked when his white teeth came in display.
I looked at him , saying people should learn running from what is beautiful. where had that come from the guy hadn’t done anything to me.
well am glad am not a thing he murmured” am Kelvin he brought out his hand for a handshake.
oh man” this man is really arrogant. I looked at his hands for long before turning back heading home. I did not give a d–n if he was hurt one man has done more harm I don’t need another
it nice meeting u he shouted after me, just to let you know u are more beautiful than that flowers.
I step into the house trying to put my anger against men at bay. the moment I entered the house my anger evaporated.