Endless Tears Episode 11


Mum” I sat down facing her, I made sure she was well entertained.my mum was silent and I noticed she was wearing an expensive warraper.
Amara this house is massive one can get lost in it. yes it really big I responded.
I can imaging knowing ur husband’s family influence. this size of house is expected looking around looking fascinated, I was surprise is this my mother . I nodded endlessly I couldn’t hold it any longer, mum what are u doing here I asked her.
she shifted uneasily, so it now mum . it no longer mama”.
I breathed impatiently. Tina told me that mum is more civilized. I told her. that is not important so what are u doing here?
she looked at me straight in the eyes, can’t I come and visit my daughter again” she asked as though she was offended.
I forcefully put my anger under control. it seems my life had become full of anger ever since I met Alex. or rather ever since I got pregnant for Alex; you have the right mama but I just wondered why it took u so long before coming . I am pregnant mum . didn’t u think I will need you, have I been pregnant before . but u have many times. I needed motherly advice but u where no where to be found. I ranted and my hurt became obvious.
she looked at me with her clouded with tears, I averted my eyes. am sorry my daughter heaven knows i wanted to visit you, I never wanted to leave u alone. but what happened, papa never allowed you? she looked at me for a second. Amara don’t think am a fool, I know what u mean and I feel insulted. I never knew you will be this disrespectful to ur own mother she said instantly. I knew I have gone over board. I was hurt by my mother neglect but I knew without doubt she loves me a lot . she always stand by me but everything change the moment I got pregnant she turned to something akin to jelly fish. I have never seen this side of my mother she was always a talkative. a single glance at my father will just ment her and turn her to a over cooked vegetables and I still wonders what might have caused that.
am sorry mum”
am sorry Amara for not been here to take care of you , I never meant to hurt you I just wanted to give u time to settle down in ur husband’s house. u would agree that ur marriage was unusual. I thought it best that both of you are left alone with out disturbing.
it was a very sensible explanation I thought. living with Alex would lessing the pregnancy tension. if only they knew the true situation of things am facing. I looked at my mother putting a little smile on my face. although it irritated me that she didn’t visit. but I was really happy that she was looking spldid . the clothes she was putting on was really better than the rags she had in the village. you are looking good mum I said truthfully.
she didn’t smile, she looked pained.
but why are you looking like this she asked me.
Amara is ur husband not given you enough money to take care of your self she asked I noticed she had a hit of anger in her voice.
I don’t need his money I told her.

look at ur self Amara, she traced my body with her eyes. you did not befit this house with this clothes I can see that , that husband’s of urs does not have any feelings for u. pls take advantage of this to help ur self. take as much as u want from him. so that u can leave this house as fast as u can.
oh No ” mama did papa ask u to come here and deliver this lectures, I asked in shock. this was the last thing I expected from my mother. where u not the one that taught me that money and wealth should not be allowed to cloud our sense? have u forgotten those lectures mother?
how can u ask me to do these mother. I stood up sat down again in confusion.
she stood up and sat beside me, Amarachi u are my daughter. I know what is best for u and yes ur father suggested it and I refused to supported him but after thinking about it I changed my mind when i came here looking at u so tin and unkept .considering what she was saying I just kept looking at her as if she was another person.
it true I taught u to always keep ur integrity and self respect, but remember I never forced u to get pregnant out of wedlock for a wicked man like Alex. he is maltreating u. u have to think of money now because u are not the only involved now. you have a baby to think about if u live now what will you to take care of the child.
I never said am leaving this place mama , I said dryly.
but u can not be OK with the way u are now , u are with the same clothes you brought with u from the village. and he doesn’t care.
I am the one who choose to remain in this clothes and I wanted it that way.
I will not allow you stay here, I will not allow you hurt ur self and my grandchild with this foolishness. it clear that ur husband doesn’t love u. but why do you want to stay with him, she asked in be wildness.
I smiled in irritation, it too late for this mama. I would have not been married to him in the first place if u were this aggressive with papa. I am a married woman now and am not ready for divorce. font worry about my marriage I can take care of my self. my mum has really changed. mum pls tell me if there is somthing wrong. I feel like u are hiding something from me.
mum let make a deal, tell me what is wrong and I will do what ever you want. she frozed slightly, stood up instantly. amara it getting late am going home . I need to make ur dad meal if not he will be hungry.
mum” I hugged her and she left.
Tina walked in, she is right oh Amara” I looked at her. so u have been eavesdropping . am sorry for doing so, I was in the lundary ur voices was loud enough for anyone to.hear .
Tola paced in her room she couldn’t believe she had become a shadow in the house y Tina is now st the good side of the madam. tola couldn’t believe that the maid she had been terrorizing was her own madam. she wished that the ground should open after the revelation. but that could not to compered to the humiliation she had put her thru. but after going thru weeks from been totally ignored by every one in the house. she starred feeling hatred for everyone. most especially Amara who had made her a thorn in the flesh asking her to do all the work in the house. hatred and jealousy towards Tina who was the madames favourite. she knew without a doubt that amara would give Tina anything she asked.
Tola felt her blood boil, she wondered how she could take revenge. she wanted to make two of them pay for making her life miserable.
making two of them turn against each other was a good start. after thin about it she nodded that would be a good start.


sit back and enjoy, but what do you guys think tola would do. my fingers are crossed