Endless Tears Episode 12


With the kind of noise I was hearing in my room that was coming from the sitting room was too much. I rose up from the bed, I open the door to.my room and walked curiously to down stairs. I was hearing Alex voice, and then I heard her voice.
oh no I whispered. do I have to deal with this witch again? I asked like the answer would come from the walls. when I got to the stairs what I saw was enough to make me run back to.my room. there where boxes scattered every where
I watched as Alex monitored the boxes the driver was also there including Tina and Tola carrying out the orders of Alex and Lisa. despite the tiredness of Lisa looked like a magazine princess I did not have time to evny her beauty as I landed the stairs and confronted the confusing scene.
what is going in here I questioned both of them, Lisa smiled . what does it look like she asked with superior look on her face. I glance around it looks Like someone is about to open a box shop here, but what I don’t know is if this house would be a shop.
she is moving in Amara , Alex said.
Excuse me”.
Lisa looked at my pale face, you heard him or do you have a problem with ur hearing? am moving in. just as u can’t have ur b—–d child out side.
I have no intention of delivery my precious angle out side either. and touch her flat tummy and looked at Alex we can’t have our own child outside his fathers house. our wedding is on going and we are getting married soon.
the very ground I was standing rocked under my foot as I looked at the unseen . as but of them looked at me. I went stilled like a sea after Lisa waited fruitlessly for my respond. she turned to Alex I think it time I take my bags upstairs.
you are out of ur mind if u think u are living here, are you crazy. no both of you are crazy, so u think am a fool right?.
Alex looked angry, but Lisa was quick to talk, no I don’t think u are a fool. but I know you are.
you think I won’t live here she laughed, watch me. I blinked back the tears that was about coming out of my eyes. in times like this I wish I wasn’t this emotional. y would I cry at this junction. angry at my self and the two people standing at my front. I almost ran mad when Lisa kissed Alex in the mouth. rubbing his chest am I gong to be staying in ur room Alex.
he shook his head those bags will just kill all my spaces it will be better if you choose ur own room any one u want. you.mean any one she asked, Alex nodded. that would be a brilliant ideal she thought to her self and ran upstair within a few minute she came back the only room I like there have been occupied.
what the hell I shouted, once said you are a baby factory ,now u want her to take my room .
listen Amara this house is big enough to take the entire city before I knew it he ordered them to bring out my things from the room I was staying.
how dare you bring out my things because of her .
he turned back if u don’t like it go to hell for all I care, his phone rang before I could talk he went out of the house.
Lisa looked really happy. now this is what I called revenge served cold. what I call pay back time. you had time to display stupidty when we first met now is time to turn the tables. Alex would always do what I tell him. you better get used to it. she laughed and walked upstairs. and I saw Tina looking very bad and tola on the other hand was laughing. I didn’t try to hid my tears as they flowed easily.
Let go of my clothes u prostitude. I said taking my bag from her hands.
she faced me angrily, I think s–t would be ur middle name this dirty village girl. why couldn’t you have found someelse to impregnate you. you have the nerves to choose my own Alex. I will show you pepper in this house . shaking her body like someone fighting a battle. she faced the maid pack her her things she ordered. I blocked the entrance. if some would remove my things they would first of all remove me from the door. I watched tola grabbed my sack of clothes. Tina was crying . drop my bag this minute tola I said.but Lisa took it From her hands and thew it out side. do you that thing a bag. what I can not put in my dust bin. she said in irritation.
would you shut up I yelled lifting my hands and giving her a hot slap on her cheeks. red marks showed on her face she fought for balance and retaliated in return .the slap landed on my face I staggered a little and I heard Tina crying pls stop this . pls think of ur baby.