Endless Tears Episode 13


I walked yo my new room with anger and frustration. Lisa and I have yelled at each other for countless time. and I found out my throat was a bit sore, the beautiful and quiet house has turn to a fighting zone as Lisa and I exchanged hot words at each. the house seems to be boiling tension and I could not sit still for five minute. both Tina and tola where on their heels carrying orders from lisa. the house seems to be on fire and I couldn’t sit down.
I didn’t know the time Alex came back because of the position of my new room. but as I heard his voice some distance from my room I became alert. he was obviously talking with Lisa.
Oh my poor baby you look so tired. you sure need to let off steam” I heard her say again.
Any subjection” there seems to be smile on Alex voice.
there was silence, I don’t need to tell my self was that silence means. why don’t u eat first she said after a long silence. I know what I will rather eat. but am really hungry he said, let me have a shower I will.meet you in the dinning. and she murmured something I couldn’t catch. I heard foot steps and I knew he was going to his room.
I opened my door and told my self that Alex most explain to me why he his treating me this way. I walked to his bedroom and paused. weather to knock or go in like that. deciding there was no need to show him respect when obviously he could not do that for me. I pushed opened the door. he was standing facing his back to me.
did u have a change of heart Lisa? he asked obviously smiling.
I wish you did” he turned around at that facing me he was shirtless exposing his broad shoulders. I had to forcefully ignore what am seeing. his face burnt with irritation. what the hell are you doing here he shouted.
why? why Alex why did you choose to put me thru this? I never called for this .
Look woman am in no mood for this.
You approach in the village making me feel like the most outstanding woman on earth. you told me you love me that no woman will ever take my place in ur heart, what changed?
It was all a ploy.
what do you mean.
I never meant all the nonsense I said to you in the village , how could I? he looked bewildered. and I looked like a fool for believing it. it was all planned to get u in my bed.
what are you talking about, I asked with a sickly pale face.
all the coppers in the village could not get u in there bed you know, they where so sure you where untouchable and they all wanted to see who will be able to disvirgin the almighty Amara
they placed a bet and I took it , i wanted my service days to.be lively. you were a sweet challenge and I used those sweet words as my bait to get u in my bed and when you finally fell for it I showed the guys the blood stain bed spread as my evidence of my victory. so you see ? stop wondering what changed my feels . there was never a feeling. you where just a bet.
So I was just a bet??
Tina paced in the kitchen nervously. for the past three days Amara had locked her self in door without coming outside. it has been three days since the amiab Lisa entered the house. and the ho was practically on fire. but that was not what was getting on Tina nerves. ever since amara moved to the other room she hadn’t set her eyes on her. she had locked the door without coming outside. no single word came out from the room and it was beginning to scare her to death. since she hadn’t open the door itbwas obvious she hadn’t eating for three days. the frustration was too much for her that she always go there and knock but no one answer. she had repeatedly left food at her door step and when she go back the food will still be left untouched. she had hoped that amara would at least eat if she doesn’t want to see any body. until Lisa
yelled her brains out telling her to stop wasting her husbands resources else she will fire her. for wasting food on a hopeless village dropout.
fear griped Tina as she wondered what might have happened to her.did she slipped and fell down. she had tried to bring the matter be for Alex, but he was always with Lisa and any tym she mentioned amara name Lisa would shut her up instantly.
Hey” Tina jerked . and she saw tola looking at her with frown, do you want to put holes in the kitchen ties. what’s eating you up she asked.
Tina did not need to be told that tola dislike Amara, but still she have to share her worries with her hoping that tola would put her hatred aside and help her find solution to her problem. am worried tola. Tina responded.
I know that why am asking . Tina said it our madam oh she hadn’t open the door to her room for the psst three days and I think something is wrong. tola frowned deeply I thought she wanted to left alone, oh my God y are u just telling me now. u are always with her that y I didn’t bother asking you. let go there again and if she doesn’t open we break down the door tola said running out of the kitchen.when they got to Amara room they knocked banged the door endlessly still no sound came out. they called her name no respond, they tried to open the door, but it was locked cold sweat ran down from their faces. Jesus what are we going to do.TBC