Endless Tears Episode 14


I raised my hand weakly rub my hot face, after hearing the knock on the door. and ignored it totally and the voices that came afterwards even if I want to answer there was no strength left in me to talk . I muttered enough strength to push my self off the bed and almost fell back down.
I have stayed in the room after I heard the bomb shade from Alex and even now the word even made it double the pain. during my three days room arrest, I have cried more than I have ever cried all my life. the tears kept pouring and pouring until there was no strength left for me to cry. the water from the toilet tap in the washing basin was the only thing sustaining me.
the three days has been very hard for me, filled with pains and hunger which was almost maddening, probably because I was pregnant and my baby was demanding food. I whispered to by baby every now and then telling my self that I am not alone, I began to comfort my child telling him to bear with me. the isolation was necessary.
after staying alone , the reality of loneliness dawned on me. I finally reached a resolve. I have reached my terminal where crying is involve. I have finally realized that crying over Alex was hopeless cause and a waste of time and my energy. all I have in this world is my child, whom I will continue to cherish no matter what am up against.
I managed to drag my dehydrated self to the bathroom to relieve my self before quenching my thirst by drinking from the toilet tap. my eyes seems to have sank in their socket. as I looked at my self in the mirror and i was a shadow of my self ,I knew I have change that. despite my starvation my b—-t looked fuller than they where months back in the village. given me more shapely than my original self and I knew it was due to the pregnancy. after drinking to my fill , I washed my face and left the bathroom slowly. there was no strength left due to the lack of food and the water I drank woke up the hunger that could not be ignored. it was so bad that I could treat Tina like that, who has been so good to me. I just didn’t want to see anyone.
I opened the door to my room and walked slowly grabbing the walls for support. when ever my leg shook. I was on the verge of a new beginning and my first step would be to to quench this abominable hunger. I held the stair case as I went down. the moment I got down I saw Tina and Tola stop the search they where doing and turning nearly jumping out of their skin when the saw me.
Amara Tina shouted, this was the first time she called me by my name ever since she discovers that I am Alex wife. and I was pleased by the timing. now I can confidently call her my friend. ” Christ” you have almost killed me with worry.she jumped on my side instantly. this is terrible how can u not consider ur condition?
Thanks Tina I weakly said and you too tola, remembering that I heard her worried voice , thanks for your concern but am terribly hungry though. I smiled at Tina and she quickly moved into action. I sat in the kitchen with her. contented to hear her angry words Tola hang around not saying anything, I smiled at her then rested my head on the table and closed my eyes. within minute a plate of indomie was placed at my front and I attacked it like a hungry Lion.

Why did you lock yourself in, Tina asked with a disapproval look. I was charting a new course “I smiled at her in confusion and stood up and walked out of the kitchen with Tina running after me, by the wag where is Alex mistress I asked unconcerned as I made for my room. Tina followed me probably to make sure I didn’t lock my self again. she went shopping Tina said, I nodded with my smile still intact. I want to take my bath Tina and we are going somewhere. are u free I asked her, she nodded and said yes where are we going she asked as we entered my room.
We are going shopping” her eyes widen.
Tina and I left the house after several hours we returned with heavy nylon bags. she had insisted we take a car but I refused. the ideal of walking round on foot appealed to me and we later got a taxi that brought us back home due to the weight of the bags. the bags where filled with clothes more especially that of baby and toys. I wasn’t able to leave anyone untouched. Tina assured me that there where more money than I think in the credit card that was with me and I asked her to teach me how to use it. which she gladly did, we brought the clothes from a cheap store I saw my self smiling genuinely with the thought of my child on my head.
Apart from buying the baby things I listened to the words of my mother by buying some suitable clothes for my self. I brought mostly gowns which where free from Beneath my bust because they will cover my tummy the dress where so beautiful and I could not wait to try them on. my three days indoor made me know that my parent have been right after all. I couldn’t stick with Alex because of my dislike for the word divorce. I was forced to see the reality that there was no future for me and Alex, because if there is going to be any miracle that I forgive him for all he has done I would never forget and that would spoil our relationship till the end of my days. right from the moment I found out I was a bet to him all that I felt for him called love died that day and was replaced with hatred that grows each passing day. I only have my child my parents and my self the earlier accept it the better. there is one person who loves me thou that person is Tina, I smiled at her
thank god I have her.
why do I have a nagging that the clothes I bought look much than what we need. she asked with a frown.
I changed the subject, I am glad that you finally caller me Amara, at least something good good came out from locking my self indoor I said as we entered the house.
she scoffed the only thing u achieved was putting ur child at risks , we need to go the hospital to get u properly checked up. I laughed , it not serious my baby is OK.
Where are you coming from , Alex voice rang out. I looked over the chair I saw him looking at me. Li’s was lying on the chair with her head on his lap, given him Caracas my glace wasn’t more than two seconds. I kept him quite and claimed up the stairs pulling the bag of clothes with me.
are u deaf he shouted, I said where are u coming from, he repeated with more authority.
.are u blind, you have eyes then use i then I returned as I paused.
Are you talking to Me, he said with a surprise in his voice. I turned to look at him squarely and Tina quickly got out of the way.
are you deaf as well blind I am talking to you, I have no explanation to give u and I have no reason to tell u about my movement. do I need to remind you of the agreement we signed. I am allowed to do what ever I like doing in this house after serious thinking I have decided that that agreement was the only reasonable thing I have ever do since I met you, secondly I greatly hope that the card u gave me is always loaded with money to take care of my self and my baby. that shouldn’t be a problem to u since u love money than ur normal conscience. the Amara you met in the village is dead and gone three days ago. the woman standing here u better not mess with her. because if u do you will taste the bitterness of a scorn woman. I paused to catch my breath.I am the woman of the house here and my demand must be met. and if u find it difficult to cope with me u better give me the divorce I asked u before. I will be more happy to sigh it but be rest assured Alex I smiled…….I will destroy ur life as u have destroyed mine. before I leave u alone.
Are you threating me? Alex said.
no it not a threat sweet hrt but a promise.