Endless Tears Episode 15


I turned and walked to my room leaving both of them speechless. when I finally got to.my room I sat down on the bed then I discovered Tina looking at me as if I have grown four heads. I smiled, mr Alex don’t take threat lightly she said looking agitated.
I nodded I don’t expect him to, and thanks for ur help Tina. I am totally tired and I have something for you I declared and she frowned. I checked the nylon and I found the one I was looking for and it was filled with clothes and I gave it to her.
and her eyes widen in surprise and she was happy too. no this can’t be for me she gasped when she saw the clothes, when we were shopping I discovered that her eyes where on some clothes I sent her on an eran and I collected the clothes. I can’t possibly wear this she said in tears they are really expensive. oh Tina come on, I said to her affectionately. do you know how good you have been to me. a truck full of clothes will not be enough for me to thank you. when I needed a friend you where there for me.
But I didn’t ask for any thing in return”.
I know , I just noticed that you love these clothes and I brought them. you deserve then for putting up with me today when I wanted to take all I saw at the shop. here this is for Tola give it to her I don’t want her to get jealous she was also worried about me before. so she deserved it, she thanks me happily and the happiness of have new clothes took her. suddenly I saw sadness in her eyes and I became curious, it just a shame that I would not be able to wear them soon she said. since I will always be in my uniform.
I have totally forgotten that piece of details, an ideal pop in my head, we will stop that nonsense now. follow me I charged stepping out of my room with Tina following me in confusion. I could hear Lisa voice shouting at Alex who was silent. I smiled knowing I was the subject of discussion I got into the sitting room with Lisa falling silent looking at me.
Yes I began, remember I told you I will be taking charge of some things in this house as madam of the house. well am about to change something, I just bought clothes for my dear friends and they can’t wear them because of this maid uniform, and I don’t like that as from today they are free to put on what ever they like to wear for mordecy . from today they have been restricted to gown. I just decided to let you know I said without any fear ignoring Tina gaps.
you must be joking Lisa said with a raised voice, who do you think you are to be enforcing law in this house. she yelled with her hands on her waist and legs tapping the floor. I just looked at her like a pest, the last time I check I wasn’t a comedian. and when I talk you keep ur dirty mouth shut. I am the one and only legal wife here you are just a mistress or a concubine who is enjoying the privilege in this house . now shut ur mouth up because am talking to my husband and not you. and I wount have you interrupts my speech” I shitted my face to Alex, this subject is not open for discussion and it has been settle because I have given my approval. I faced the white faced Tina , you can go and inform tola about the change. and I wish you change with immediate effects the three of us are going for more shopping for more gowns I said and walked back upstairs with my head lifted high..

I looked at my self in the mirror I couldn’t believe I was the one , Tina had help me relax my hair and now it flew long to my shoulder. with a gentle glow the gown was a sight to behold, though simple it hugged my body very well making me look like the sexist pregnant woman ever. I laughed and said why haven’t I thought of this all this while. having good clothes was was driving my depression away and making me forget my pains . I only hope the feeling will last long because I will continue to buy clothes to fill up the place. I smiled as I remembered my silly behavior to Alex and lisa yesterday their surprise expression was a sight to always remember even after hundred years I will not forget the expression on their faces. it was still a surprise I pulled it off. thou u might not know what u are capable until u are faced with a challenge.
I gave my self one last gaze in the mirror before stepping out, I know that Alex would be eating now at the dinning with is mistress. as I was coming down I met Tina bringing my breakfast obviously to my room.
good morning Tina I greeted, she opened her mouth forgetting to close it, wow this gown was made for you and u look divine. I smiled , I know when I looked at my self in the mirror I was surprise to see my self.
it just a simple gown how will u look if u put on expensive once. I always knew u are beauty.
now u are flattering me, if u are a man a woman will fall for you just as I fell for Alex, that thought was inevitable and I deflated my high spirit like a balloon. Tina noticed that and her smile disappeared. mentally shaking my self, I will have my breakfast on the dinning with every body I told her . I should stop adding to ur work Tina, and it would be nice to sit with my husband mistress in the table and I smiled.
Amara are you sure that you know what u are doing this your new style may back fire and u would hurt ur self and ur baby. am already hurt Tina what more can they do? no one can do more than they have already done and as long as that can’t happen, I can handle what ever comes my way. for your sake I hope u are right Amara, Tina stop worrying I will be fine. and by the way am not the only one looking pretty so do you.
All thanks to you as we drew close to the dining
I saw Alex sitting with Lisa beside him looking angry as she looked the other day, I smiled brightly as I got to the table both of them seems to have frozen to a spot. Alex held the cup of tea in his hand and his hand was shaking and it wanted to fall , he was in shock to see me his eyes ran thru my body and my smoked deepened. this will be an interesting morning I said to my self.
well” well I guess the village s–t is trying to fit in the society Lisa said angrily.
I inhaled deeply not minding her because I don’t have her time this morning. uhmmmmmm…. I sighed something smelled nice here I said with a dreamy look walked to Alex and kissed him on his cheek , good morning my husband he was stunned and Lisa was looking at me, good morning mistress I said to her. none of them answered me, hope u had a nice sleep because I di after a long time . as I sat down on the chair at Alex left hand and serve my self some food.
Lisa sat up and clears her throat calling Alex sweet heart. Alex answered her yes baby , I pretended like they where no there and I continued eating.I have spoken to the wedding planner about our wedding and the gown have been brought I don’t want our wedding to look like hers. yes it will never be like hers Alex declared. yes she laughed the village dropout did like that.
Lisa faced me angrily and she obviously wanted to.make my talk with her comment but I remained silent . oh we are getting married next week and w are planing to invit u there if you are nice to see what a real wedding looks like she said with a smile.
Am sorry to bust ur bubble Lisa there I’ll be no wedding in this house, not next week , not next year, not in this life time I faced her . returned to my food. are u planing to stop it Alex said , how are you planning yo stop it Alex said with increasing anger showing on his face.
I would not do anything , Alex will stop the wedding my him self I said with a smile on my face.
what are you talking about Amara , Alex shouted. I stood up and was about to leave the table when Lisa said where do you think u are going you village Trump.
the next time u call me that I will teach you how village Trump deal with people like you. nonsense