Endless Tears Episode 16


I stood up from the chair and walked in to the kitchen I met Tina and tola talking together. hey ladies I greeted with a smile. good morning miss amara tola greeted. thank you for the clothes tola said hasty. it nothing beside we are going to get more today I told them they both jumped up.
feeling like I have won tola and she seems free with me now and I like it, the less enemies I have the better for me. are u guys ready, they both said yes and we went out.
Alex paced in his office, as thought ran Thur his mind throwing him in the state of confusion and everything was centered on Amara. she had changed and he could tell she was not the same village girl she used to be. she had challenge him , no one have ever been able to do that, but she have done it effortlessly. and it angered him and he could not believe that Amara could stood up to him, where had she found that courage to do that. this morning she had looked beautiful not for once looking like the girl he used to know, she looked totally beautiful without makeup and he couldn’t take off his eyes off her body .she had always been beautiful but he had never imagine that she could be this beautiful . he did not want her to be beautiful. he wanted her to look ugly so that he would be able to maltreats her freely. when he had offered her the opportunity to buy her own clothes he didn’t think she will look outstanding in them. it can also be the way she carried her self confidently. and it all began yesterday. now she feels she would stop him from marrying Lisa. what on earth would give her that thought? Lisa is not only beautiful and she is also rich she’s the ideal woman for him he could take her out for parties
despite that she’s a spoiled brat , she’s also mind blowing in bed that is what he is looking for in a woman. but Amara is a novice when it comes to that, and she is a used and dumped material to him . he never imagine she would get her self pregnant for him. he banged the table hard now he is ending up meeting two wives. he murmured a cuss , he can’t leave Lisa and leaving amara is even worse. he couldn’t afford to loose his company. that was all he he lived for.
Hey his office door got opened his friend walked in, Alex looked at him. toba was smiling at him he couldn’t return him the smile. his face had always remain frown since he met Amara. what troubling you toba asked him. this is not the type of reception we was expecting after many weeks apart. am sorry toba my thought seems to be scattered thru west Africa.toba smiled if it so then u need many years to gather them back.
I am sure u are right Alex said as his grown deepped
. all right tell me what is responsible for your worry. toba asked. only a woman can shake the almighty Alex.
very true Alex said, a lowly village local champion for that matter.
what the hell are you talking about Toba asked looking interested.
Am talking about Amara.
what Amara, and who is she?
Alex hissed, he could not blame his friend for not remembering the name of the betting competition. he couldn’t have remembered the name if she hadn’t showed up in his doorstep with the pregnancy claim. the girl I deflowered during service.
toba eyes widen , what about her I thoughts you are done with her when you won the bet.
I was , until she showed up with pregnancy claims.
what he almost jumped up from his chair. you see I told you these village gals are witches . you can never touch them and go scort free. I warned you. did u never hear of the word condom ? how could u be so careless.
.well it too late for me to answer that am already married to her.
toba bolted up from his seat, you are what? are u sure you are alright Alex. u seems to be saying rubbish.
yes I married her about two months ago, Alex u are sick didn’t u hear odbtge word abortion.
shut up man you are pissing me off, didn’t u hear that she showed up at my fathers door step
and her stupid father claimed he would destroy my fathers election if I didn’t marry her. my father made made me marry the b—h and there was nothing I could do .
toba hissed, y didn’t you tell me anything. sit down bro u haven’t heard any thing I made her a maid in the house , she fired up when she found Lisa and asked for divorce.
good for you toba said, yea it would have been good if dad didn’t threating to remove me from the company if I let her go with his grandchild.
oh brother your life is really messed up” Alex frown too and it a lot messer because Lisa is also pregnant. toba looked at him and burst out laughing. Alex wanted to punch him on his throat. it really bad you found my situation funny. I think tu face is ur role model but I didn’t hear he married his babes mamas I think u need to take lectures from him..
shut up if you are not going to say anything sencible get out of here.
Alex told him about the contract he had with amara, and how Lisa moved in asking Amara to live her room that she was just a bet and nothing more .
are you trying to tell me that u told her that she’s just a bet.
yes. you are are the most stupid person I have ever seen Alex. how could u have told her. you are in big trouble man. yes I know and I can’t sit back and watch I need to destroy the confidence she now have I need to destroy her .
toba thought for a while, that shouldn’t be difficult she’s a woman and u are a man. beating her up every time she runs her mouth will calm her down abit, it will be good to do it in the presence of one or two people bring back her inferiority complex back , wicked her at any given opportunity u have, but I pray she wouldn’t do something rash. like to kill you.
Alex laughed y hadn’t he thought if it he couldn’t wait to have his control. he had remembered when he hit her she ran like a mad woman to her
to her room. no she wouldn’t be tempted to kill me Alex assured him self. and I will make sure she doent have the strength to even try
to be continued