Endless Tears Episode 17


Lisa paced her room, this has to stop. she can not sit back and watch Amara trampled all she have worked for, it was as if knew how to get her blood boil. she had been with Alex for over two years and all of a sudden , this tramp showed out of the blue to snatch him and she was not ready to share Alex and she was not ready to share him even in the next 50 years to come. she needed to get amara out of the house and did not care how to achieve that.
she heard the car entered the house and heard the maids talking together with amara. yes she thought she needed an accomplice to accomplish her mission if her hunch was right tola would be her best bet.
Mr bello sat down in his office and thought about the kind of father he his, what sort of father can he calk him self , he could not say truthfully that he had raised Alex well, all his life he has been food to everyone he had never cheated any one. he had tried to impact the same into Alex life. but it seems he hadn’t tried enough. where had he gone wrong , he shouldn’t have ventured into politics, if he hadn’t maybe he could have had more time to watch his son. may be he could have notice his heartless behavior. and change it before it became too late. his wife hadn’t been a good model and he knew it Alex told them that Lisa is also pregnant.
he had never liked that spoiled girl, who thought her self higher than everyone, but he had tried to accept her when alex showed interest in her. how would he sit back and allow his son to Marty two wives at this early age. even thou he behaves two times his age but marrying two women can killhim before he turns thirty. he his just 25years old, and throwing away Lisa will be unfair , she is also carrying his grandchild too.
he signed heavily, he had no clues on how to salvage the situation, and it was out of his control.
two days passed and I didn’t see Alex, he hadn’t come home and I found my self wondering where he might be. I won’t be surprise one beat if I found out he his making more babies. since he had been a baby making factory. during the past two days I found my self becoming frds with tola she seems sweet and funny but no one would take the place of Tina in my heart. Tina occupied my heart she had been there for me when no one was there dshe is even like a sister and a mother to me, if she hadn’t been here I might not have survived it. and I am greatful to her.
within the two days I was not the only one who changed, Lisa also changed she’ always quiet now, she always looked at me with hearted in her eyes but always keep her mouth shout since she always ran her mouth like parrot. she must be up to something . I knew something was wrong and it didn’t smell good. staying in the village I knew that two woman cannot live in peace if they had to share one man. one would like to kill the other to mk her vanish. well I wanted her to vanish from my life she and alexbut am centily not a killer.and I will not kikk anyone to achieve that. thou am not a killer Lisa might be, the feeling that shes planing something against is there, I have to be very carefully from now hence forth. she might try to poison my food. I have been cross checking my food before eating I even sit with them in the kitchen when they are cooking. Tina will not do anything to hurt me. but Lisa might sneck in and put something.