Endless Tears Episode 18


oouch I whimpered painfully. please be careful Tina I said sharply. she was trying to hold her emotion. sorry as she was trying to trend the blood marks on my body, just endure the pains she said. I winced as the hot water reach my body. it felt like hot fire was placed on my body and it was hot like hell. I never in my life thought that Alex would beat me up, he had once given me a slap . I didn’t think he had the nerves to beat me up to pulp in my delicate condition. ouch I mean painfully.
Tina shok her head forgive me, but I feel like killing that husband of yours. he is ur husband but he is a demented beast. my apology, she grumbled squeezing the towel aggressively . this is the one of the subject I would rather avoid. I don’t need apology Tina , I also feel like killing him also that would make my life more better…. ow I Moen in pains as she placed the towel on my skin again, I whipped the tears she hadn’t noticed , I was so scared when you passed out, we need to get u to the hospital to check u and the baby. I signed how many times will I tell you that am not going to the hospital. what will I tell them that happened to me. it already shameful that u and tola witnessed it. adding the list of doctors and nurses that is too much I can take. you are too stubborn Amara you baby is in danger here, even if you don’t care about ur self think about the baby.
my baby is perfectly fine I told her. can are you sure, if you are hurt ur baby is also hurt he his part of you.
I kept quite and endured the pains without making a sound, tola entered the room with more hot water like she can’t bear the pain her self, for the first time I looked at Tina and noticed some odd about her. Tina why did you have that swell on ur head, I asked sitting up sharply to examine the swell . she brushed my hands away avoiding my gaze. stop stay still till I finish what am doing. but I ignored her. did u fall , what happed to your head. y..es I fell down in the kitchen and heat my head on the floor, I shook my head Tina u are a terrible lair what happened to you,
ERM…. I tried pulling ur husband from you and he pushed me off. and u heat ur head on somthing I finished the sentence. feeling extremely angry. bouncing of the bed . how dare he I shouted he my hurt me but not other people around me.
I slept the whole after noon and the previous night feeling pains, the night and afternoon had been too much torture for me , as I step down I saw Lisa laughing at me, at first anger took over me but I hold my self not to , I know her aim was to get me , but I began laughing too. I never knew that Alex was such a good boxer Lisa said it so painful I misses the action, tell me s–t how was it. oh you missed it ,it would have been nice to have u in audience I told her. tell me who told you dear am sure the wall the have ear but they don’t have mouth. I. wanted to know because it was not Tina, or could it be tola I know I shouldn’t have trusted her, thou she was my Frd.
oh why, it was Alex he told my him self, he gave my the full gist how he put u in place with fist
so, it only mouth u have . have no power.
I looked at her as my anger grew up again, so Alex told her. I wonders how Alex was able to hide his beast for me and destroyed my life I left Lisa laughing walked the street to a business center made ball to senator.
hello sir , it me Amara , how are u doing my daughter he asked. am not fine sir. what did Alex do this time he asked, Sir since I met ur son I have known pains I didn’t sign for physical pains too, Alex have turn me to a punishing bag.
what do u mean.
Alex had decided to use his fist to shown his frustration. he beat me up till I faited. wat he shouted..I just decided to inform u because when I married ur son I didn’t sign my death warrant.

The senator asked me to save his number, sir I am calling from a business center sir. alright if any thing happens again let me know and I will get u a phone right away. I should have done that, thank you sir but there is something else. I need to see my parents please do you have there address? he told me the address which I instantly put on my memory. I paid the lady and walked home seeing lose I put on a smile on my face. she looked at me from time to time. apparently angry that am happy despite all that happened. she was watching a fashion show which I found irritating I took the remote and changed the channel to Africa magic.
how dare u she shouted can’t u see am watching it, she said in anger.
eeh shh… you are disturbing my baby I told her, shut up am watching a movie if u don’t like it go and get some sleep.
you must be out of ur mind she said and matched towards me. give me that remote she yelled.
you better get out of my sight woman expect u want to know how good I am in boxing. am warning you I will not take pity on u I shouted back at her.
she turned and went up stair, I laughed and relax on the chair.
After going to the market that same evening I got something for my parent. I decided to spend some time with them if not days. I missed them but I know life will be hell if I stay with them. as long as my dad behaves. I packed the things I brought pack them in the car before going in to pick the other necessary things . like a spear clothes or ladies stuff.
I was just climbing down the stairs when the door burst opened. he saw me with no difficulty and storm towards me like he would kill me on the spot. I stood Frim with my head held night even thou I was shaking inside. is a tiger on ur tail y do u look so….. shut up he shouted. as he gripped my neck in a choking vice . his dare you call my father to tell him trash? do you know what u have just done, I have been suspended in my own fathers company . you filthy b—h.
I let my bag fell and dig my fingers on his hands until the pains he felt made him let of of me. I coughed slightly until I could get my breath. do you know what u have done Alex? I said after I gained back my strength. you have the nerves to beat me up with the aim of boxing out my child. or u want to put fear in me so I can cower at ur presence. I laughed, you have created a monster Alex deal with it. if you lay a finger on me I will make u pay . calling ur father was the least I would do to you and when am done you would regret knowing me.
he looked at me, believe me am already regretting now.
I picked up my bag, am happy to hear that Alex the feeling is mutual I walked away from him. good night Tina I said.
And where the hell are you going Alex barked, I looked at him sightly and continued walking . it none of ur business darling . you have ur suspension to worry about. I smiled out the house and called the driver to take me to.my parents house. on the way I rubbed life back to my strangled neck and hissed in anger and closed my eyes as darkness covered me. I know my parent would be surprise to see me and am happy . I have missed them, most especially my mother.
why wount u listen to reason amara mother told her husband. their argument had been more than thirty minute. and yet he wouldn’t listen. I know my dreams nnayi and they always come true. let us take amara from that house before they kill her for me. listen to me woman amara is a married woman and it her duty remain in that house for better for worst just because u dreamt that beat her till she fainted.
u want her to leave that wealthy family, don’t be stupid woman..
am not stupid , am a mother and naturally I am concern about my child. unfortunately u are not.
why should I be, amara is nothing but a financial means for me. we both know she’s not our daughter. y should I be bothered. crashing sound made them both turned in horror.