Endless Tears Episode 19


I looked in horror as I examined the mess I made at the floor, I wanted my visit to be a solid surprise.but now the bay I was holding gave me away. I looked at my parents they where looking at mW with much horror and fear. that was not the kind of expression I was looking for, maybe it was my bag that fell down and made a sound gave them that freight. papa , mama . good evening I called with a beaming smile. I wanted to surprise you both y are u guys looking st me as if am a ghost. my mother seems to be sharking did u hear any thing she asked. off cause I heard something, u both must be fighting because of something. what is the reason of ur argument this time. they both shitted nervously and breathed a sigh of relief. I thought I was the cause of ur argument but those time am not around. I busied my self with packing what I dropped. anyway this is not time to talk about it y not welcome ur daughter first.
I went to my mothers waiting hands and hugged her, welcome my child she said, I have missed you she whispered to me, I looked at my father with the uncertainty if I hug him if he will accept me. splitting smile appeared on his face and his open arms I ran into it. I have to accept this they are the only people in my life who cares about me. they loved me unconditional. they were there thru the thick and thin. despite my father dies not show his love for me, I know that he loves me.
how are you doing my daughter I can see the pregnancy is changing ur body.
yes papa, these house is really beautiful. it is my mother said going thru what I bought for them, wow you brought many things . yes mama there is more as I went out side and the driver brought out the rest from the car.. the happiness in my parents face was priceless, we chartered for the rest of the evening. for the first tym in history my father had the sense of humor. it may be that the gift I brought made him so.
my mum and I prepared dinner even they they argue that I shouldn’t do anything. I wanted to be the only one cooking but she refuse. I deliberately avoided Alex issue.mum I called out, she answered. y where u and dad arguing when I came, she looked scared again, can u ell me? she cleared her throat and said no, it irrelevant we are married couple we are bond to fight and quarrel any time. I wanted to argued but I let go. u but look happy are u not ready to go back to the village I asked,.
No my father said, am not ready to go back to poverty, I will go when I have enough money to lavish there. when I start a good business and make a good money then my arrival there would be respected. I left the dinnin and too my bag gave my dad a large sum of moneAmara are u sy. my mother gaped, this is 250thousand naria I will bring u the bal to start 250up a business here . there was a silent and my father left were he was sitting and hugged me tightly. but my mother didn’t leave where she was sitting, Amara are you OK with this she asked me, my father glared at her and answered off cuss she’s is OK with it. but my mum glared at him too. don’t worry mum it perfectly OK, Alex is a beast and it my duty to take care of u both and you are the only once who love me.
Nnayi am not comfortable with this . amara father counted the money over and over again, you don’t have to be comfortable with it, or are you in love with poverty. if you want to spend the rest of your life in Shame count me out.
but we are putting her in risk she said, Amara nearly found out today that is isn’t out child, if she found out what will happen..
I don’t care , she should be happy that we picked her up from the dustbin where her real mother dumped her. if we hadn’t pick her she would have been dead by now. I don’t expect her to be angry,, in fact I would tell her my self and it would make her compelled to be of help.
Amara mum shook her head, you are wicked.
he hissed ,
at least I don’t live with it.

Tola walked to Lisa door and knocked, making sure no body saw her. including Tina , Lisa opened the door thanks for coming you.have made the right choice in coming.
Tola Shiited nervously I don’t want to harm Amara, she has been really nice to me. she… shut up Lisa shouted sharply. what mean by nice” she is just using you and that useless Tina. just because she bought you new clothes you are falling for her, here is 100 thousand naira use it and buy what ever u want. if you are on my side u will really enjoy. Lisa planted a smile on her face.
The money seems to have convinced tola even thou she felt bad for what she want to do, what to u want me to do . she asked
Lisa said good girl, she brought out a drug from her bag and gave it to tola. these drugs looks like the once Amara is using just exchange it with the real once, ma ” I can’t kill any body tola shouted. God forbid.
shut up Lisa almost shouted , but brought down her voice. it not to kill her but it will remove that her baby. you must replace this drugs with hers she would not notice.
Noooo ma I can’t do it, my hrt will kill me. she dropped the money and tried to go away. where do you think u are going Lisa said to her. if you leave now I will make sure I send u out of this house by morning, Amara is not here to save you. it would be your loss because I will change the drugs my self, what are you trying to prevent? and u wount be able to report me to anyone or the police because once u live this house I will kill you, you know my intention tola, ur only option is to do it or face the consequence.
Tola legs couldn’t not hold her, she stood near the wall, don’t be a fool tola just help me Lisa said. the child is the only ties that hold that s–t with my husband.
But they are married.
leave that are you ready to do it or not?
tola looked at Lisa on the face with a face of sadness, do I have a choice”.
I completed the money and starting packing my stuff to leave, I have missed Tina and tola and I wanted to talk with them. I said my goodbye and entered the car waving at them till they disappeared from my view. I relax fulling in a slight slumber on hearing Tina voice I sat up. she was smiling as we drove in, Tina made coming home worth it. I came out of the car I imaging you missed me as I have missed you . she laughed and said there was no one to cause drama at the dinning. I laughed,I hope that devil havnt been giving you hard time. I wish, she has just been given us others like some pie of fools.she just lazy. I laughed I have missed u. what of tola I asked her. because I was surprise she didn’t come out . she might be in her room Tina said. as we entered we saw tola appeared, saying welcome back Amara. I looked at Tina I thought u said something is wrong with her but the person am seeing here is OK, I went in said and dropped my bag.Tina came saying surprise and brought out a phone and it was iPhone 6 the senator brought it for u. I was really over joyed.
Tina have serve the food and tola had been teaching me how to use the phone,place tola I don’t mean to be rude can u peace get me my drugs in my room.if u can’t don’t bother u might be tired from teaching me how to use the phone.
y can’t she, Lisa said I didn’t know when she entered the setting room. she is a maid here isn’t she, don’t dare call my Frd maid I told . don’t make me pounce in you oo I told her with anger. never mind tola I will get it..
No she shouted I will get it. by the time tola cane back I was almost thru with my food she dropped it on the table and stood pensively watching me, do u really want to take the drugs today she asked me.
I heard Lisa shifted in her chair, but I paid her no attention. yes tola I forgot it at home yesterday and I must use them today. she nodded nervously and her eyes where fixed on my hands as I took the drugs and was about to put in on my mouth but it fell down. I wounded y Lisa and tola where looking at me like that. you see ur eyes made it fall. sorry tola said, it just that I hate drugs.
Thank God you are not using it, I left the ones on the floor and took another one ignoring the eyes on me . and put it on my mouth and took water. and said to the pale looking tola you see taking drugs is easy.
to be continued