Endless Tears Episode 20


I retired to my room after eating, it has been along day and I went to a dreamless sleep. I jumped and the sleep went out of my eyes when the door suddenly burst open. the person I saw was tola, I asked what is going on and what is she running from. u scared me, but she looked scared and was crying saying Amara save me, please save me. I jumped to my feet saying , what is it. what am I saving you from. what are u talking about and I held her.
I can’t stay long Lisa would suspect something and Tina would be here soon and she will explain everything to u and she ran out of the room. what do you mean by Lisa and what is Tina going to explain?before I could do any thing she tan out of the room I stood there looking at the door. I could not just understand what the hell that just happened, I paced the room trying to understand what just happened. I had the urge that Lisa was planning something evil. I ran down stairs to confront Lisa but I was stopped by Tina. what is going on I shouted trying to go out of the way. Tina tell me what is going on or do I need to find out my self.
she swallowed. you should be loosing your child right now, Jesus , God forbid. what do you mean. my anger now grew high.
please listen to me Ama, Lisa gave tola some drugs to exchange with ur own the drugs is meant to remove ur child instantly. tola could not refuse because she threaten to kill her if she to carry it out.
I held my tummy trying to protect it, I shook my legs angrily , are u trying to tell me that am going to loose my child now, nooooo tola changed the drugs to vitamins. I breathed down, but shes is in danger if the drugs didn’t work. you would have to pretend the drug worked on u
what are u saying Tina, that I should do what.
if miss sees that u are in serious pains she will think that it really worked. and that would get tola out of harm.
I nodded and I hissed as I thought about it, am going to strangle he after this is over but right now I will have to report her to the police I said in anger. so you want a little drama right? and that drama should would get, I walked to the bed and froze
what is it Amara Tina asked in concern.
my stomach I shouted as I bent down in pains ouch my tum…my Tina ran to where I where I was with fear but stated laughing , Jesus u almost also fooled me Amara. you must be a drama queen Amara.
can’t u see am in pains Tina arrrrrah my tummy this is no time to laugh Tina, get into the character I orders.
sorry ma’am she bowed and the smile on her face disappeared, Good girl. what is wrong with you Amara she asked with a raised voiced. ouch my tummy arrrrh my tummy is on fire , I screamed, she held me helping me out of the room with me screaming an falling on the floor, Lisa and tola came running to my me, Tina what did u put in my food I asked her, but she was r acting well.
Lisa shouted what is going on here and y all this noise. fake tears gathered in my eyes I wish I could tear off her head
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