Endless Tears Episode 21


Hospital , pls take me to the hospital I stood up from the ground I was sitting down, but I didn’t stand straight, holding my stomach like a mother hen. from my bent position I saw Lisa smiling as she was looking at me, I felt like stopping my parade and give her the beating of her life. for ever attempting to kill my child. tola joined Tina as they but dragged me to the car. the driver speed off like a mad man showing concern. I was really sorry for the poor man who knew nothing about the drama.
we arrived the hospital I used for my antenatal and nurses rushed out. I continued my pretence scene and the nurses said comforting words. which almost made me laugh, I swallowed the laughter until I was deposited to a room . the moment the door closed Tina burst out laughing which I joined her. Jesus I never believe u could act so well o almost believe u where really in pains. tola looked at me and thanked me for saving her.
tola my child and I will for ever be great full to u for saving us. u have nothing to thank me for, the nurses looked at us in confusion. can someone explain what is going on here Amara one of the nurse said. I looked at her apologetically am really sorry for the trouble I told her, but someone tried to kill my baby. if I can see the doctor I will be really great full. I told her. they both looked at us with curiosity. they knew me to a certain extend of helping me out. that is really serious the nurse I knew to be nurse B said leading us to the doc office. the lady doctor was with a male friend and the nurse whispered into the doc ear. she invited us fulling with a smile on her face. how are u Amara, and what is that am hearing. I felt awkward telling her in front of a guy she is comfortable talking to, and I feel he could be trusted. tola narrated every thing to the doctor and how she was forced to to it and was paid even the once I wasn’t aware of. all I could do was gap in amazement and it was unbelievable.
Do u have the drugs the man said surprising me.the doctor saw the surprise on my face and said don’t worry he is a coup. you are just lucky u met him here ,he is a detective. Mr sanji I hope u can help?? I can help. who is the murder in making he looked so angry. thank you sir I said to him, all I want is to stop her from harming me and my child. my child means everything to me. I also want my frds to be protected. and I will do any thing as long as they are protected.
well let go then this Lady must be surely arrested for attempting murder. ur child is really lucky to have many people trying to save him . with that he stood up biding the doctor good bye marching out like a trained soldier. the drive back home was filled with silence. y Tina and tola talked endlessly about the incidence and laughed about my display. the police man made a call asking about my address to another police man, I saw a confuse look on the driver face but ignored it. the face of the police man was as hard as stone and it made me laugh. we entered the compsnd and I saw Alex car. we came doem from the car and entered the sitting room seeing both of them cuddling like s pair of teenager it was strange to me becuce I alway see then like that. before I could say a word the police man came before me saying I believe u are miss Lisa, Lisa jumped up from the char looking more alarm looking at tola.
yes she is the question should be who u are Alex questioned.
I am detective saija , brought out his card from his b—-t pocket and gave it to alex. Lisa u are under arrest for attempting murder and I heard a Siren of police outside.
what are u talking about.
Amara what is , looking at me. what are u planing this time. oh pls ask ur little Queen over there who tried to terminate my pregnancy with drugs. well you are better off without the preagbacy Alex said. the police man raised his voice if u are not careful young man I will make u accomplice like magic he brought out his havd cuff , this is a mistake Lisa yelled am innocent she said tying to run but the police man was fast enough to catch her two more police entered the room.
amara and you tola you must pay for this as the police men dragged her out of the room.