Endless Tears Episode 22


Mrs bello poured herself a drink, she was now 20 years when she did the unthinkable yet she could not make her self forget her past errors.
a living breathing mistake which can never be forgiven every year she remember the 20th of September and willed it to go away.
i don’t think am following this conversation toba said dropping the win glass feed with alcoholic . do you mean to tell me that Lisa tried to abort Amara baby and now she’s in police custody he asked.Alex sighed and drank his drink at a go ordering the barman to refill his glass. princely my life has turned upside down since I met Amara . it has been from one problem to another since she showed up. she seems to have changed from that innocent little girl I placed a bet on. into a dangerous viper ready to strike at the lightest provocation, nothing works against her he picked up his cup and drank it half way. allowing the alcohol to burn Down his throat, can you imagine that I rid her of her virginity what did I get , pregnancy. she showed up I subjected abortion , but I needed up married. I made her a maid in my house for making my life a living hell on earth but my father threatened my position in the office which I made I sign an agreement giving her liberty and I stupidly went ahead with the agreement. that had been the most stupid thin I have ever done.
among many other stupid things toba said angrily.
thanks, I brought Lisa to the house when she declared her self pregnant just to spit her. but what did I get my house became a living hell. I told her about the bet to destroy her confidence
but what did I end up achieving, she turned into a monster. you advised me to beat her to pulp, but what did I get, his voice rose to several degree and he needed up hitting his glass on the table . I got a bloody suspension letter from my own father. he boomed and toba lifted his hand to hold him, Lisa tried to use drugs to remove her child but was stupid enough to use tola . instead of doing the dirty job her self, what did she get, she got her self locked up. no plans works against her he hissed, toba hissed I think she’s a witch or an obanja .

Alex poured another cup of drink and the drink was beginning to make his head light. do u know the worst part of the ride is that amara look more beautiful each passing day. she has has changed from the village girl I used to know. I don’t know how that was even possible. pregnant women looked shabby and ugly to me with their big bellies but amara looks different from them.she just different from all of them. she was beautiful before with her uncommon shape and her completion which was y I considered sharing my bed with her, but now, she is more shaper and her eyes glows when ever she laughs and her checks had reddish glow and it makes me think of her.
shut up toba shouted, don’t tell me u have started nursing stupid fleeing for that s–t.
don’t be stupid toba she’s is a woman and I not a wood. she has a special sexual appeal and I am bound to react to it.
just look at u, that stupid reaction of urs brought u this far. and beside u are not just talking about her body but her eyes ……. and did u just mention cheeks? if all u want is few minute s-x you wouldn’t mention her eyes. u would notice something more sensual.
are her eyes not part of her body.
toba hissed, that girl is not normal she’s is full of bad tidings. any involvement with her again will be flying from frying pan to burning fire. I am u, which am great full that am not. I will be looking for a way to get Lisa out of jail. when she was there to give u free s-x u were not thinking about amara eyes and checks. the sensible think u can do now is to get her an apartment else where because bringing her back to ur house will be a big problem. she might even try to kill Amara, and if she succeed u are both in big trouble. prevention is better than cure. and it kooks like amara is here to stay, and it looks like u are going to be a father, better get used to it .
after two weeks of Lisa arrest, her departure had brought laughter in the house. I was beginning to feel sorry for her. we hardly see Alex in the house it looks like he had abounded the house only to show up in few occasion. Tina and tola talk endlessly and for the first time I was actualky happy in Alex house. I knew that Lisa did what she did to get rid of me but I was still sorry for the detcive promise to keep her behide bar until she is charged to court he said she was dangerous to have such a person walking freeing in the fct