Endless Tears Episode 23


I walked down the stair rubbing my eyes, I had slept late yesterday talking with Tina and tola hearing about their dream, I was happy that some people dreams can come thru.even if mine seems to have destroyed by a mistake I can be fine knowing that tola and Tina dreams of becoming something in life will come through. who knows I might be able to savage something with me life.
Happy birthday”
I nearly jumped out of my skin and came fulling awake at once. the sitting room was half filled my parent were there. the senator and his wife were there , Alex three drivers were there. our gateman tola and Tina and four other people I don’t know was also there. I was not just surprise but also shocked, I couldn’t remember my own birthday. happy birthday my baby gal my mum said and hugged me tight.
I..I…stammered as my face redden nervous again . I didn’t no what to say I forgot my own birthday, tears filled my eyes as I closed my eyes . my father came and hugged me when the senator came with his smiling face the tears rolled down my eyes. he hugged me and wiped away my tears, I murmured and continued saying thank you to everyone, tola and tina dragged me upstairs, the sitting room was a sight to behold and it was decorated for me. the senator wife looked gluming as if she was dragged in she was the only one who didn’t look happy.
When we entered my room I hugged Tina and tola tightly, thanks a lot am so happy today.
they laughed it was ur father inlw that planned it. and I was surprise. yea tola said, enough of this let get u dressed up. it party time.
they took their time in dressing me up. when I looked at my self in the mirror I looked like a movie star and I couldn’t believe I was the one am . I believe that tola talent was in the saloon. happiness filled my heart and I was jumping like a little gal. the gown I was putting on showed my tummy, the music coming out of the sitting was really loud and Tina said let go out.
I have never had fun all my life, I danced with everybody in the room expect my mother in law
Tina have cooked many food and I eat a lot that I became twice my size. several hours later the door got opened and Alex walked in and stood on a spot pooling at me, I felt irritated as his eyed rocked my body but was surprise me is that I didn’t feel anything for him like I used to. i nodded my head and said this is a good sign.
is this suppose to be the time to be arriving ur wife party the senator shouted at Alex, where have u been. you where not at work and u did not sleep here in the House.
Alex ignored his father totally it was obvious he qaa angry with him. you look beautiful Amara he said surprising every one in compete silence. stayed where I was for serval seconds unable to belive what he just said. instead of feeling delight anger rang thru me as I grapped a cup of wine to quench my sudden thirst and anger. passing my mother inlw she grapped my hands for the first time. I turned and looked at her, did I do something wrong ma? I asked her my happiness vanished.
can’t you greet ur husband, don’t u have respect for ur husband my son.
you are hurting me ma I said to Her as her nails pirced into my flesh painfully , she caught her husband eyes and instantly left my hands. I hurried pat her and filled a cold water in a glass and drank it quickly and walked by again she shocked me again by grapping me and it seems like something caught her eyes and she frinze. before I could utter a word she turns me around holding me left ear and said where did u get this mark , how did u get it.
what is the meaning of this nonsence Kate the senator shouted calling her name forbtge first time.
do u have a problem with my daughter my mum shouted at her moving closer to her.
where did she get that black doth she asked shaken. it has been there since she was born my mum said, no..no… it can’t be no I feel sick. she laughed nervouly, I want to go home and walked out of the room. the senator said please don’t mind her she behave like this when she dosnt sleep well. I think we have to go he came towards me and kissed me on my checks and he walked out, I just stood frozen trying to get an explanation for what just happened now.