Endless Tears Episode 24


present now
Now Mrs bello can finally agree that nothing is hidden under the sun, you might hide it for a while but the secret will come back bouncing back at u. she thought that the secret with sahid was gone and gone for ever and that her secret was completely covered. but now she had to face the reality now at hand. her mistake of years back is back, not only back but to hurt her.it was ready to destroy everything in it part. the woman has given the child a permanent mark by her ears and the mark was (+) and she told her the mark might be useful later in life in case there part cross again. but she has prayed they never come to pass. it was obvious her prayers was never answered . and it was so unfortunate that the child is now Amara.
oh no” she shouted , my son can not be married to my daughter. it has to be a coincidence she assured her self, it has to be. Amara can never be my child, she can not be married to.my son..
today the senator slept in another room because they had argued over the issue at hand, nothing his wife say that will convince him that Amara was from the river(a mermaid) or what ever she is saying that she is, nothing she said will make him agreed to let them divorce. the reason y he couldn’t believe her was because he knew her too well. she get shaken and tense when she is hiding something really important, and would always hide secret under any believable shade of lies. it is so bad that he could never trust his own wife to be completely honest with him. a lot of times he even wondered y he marred her. and now was one of those times. and now is one of those times Kate is hiding something from him. and if with the way she is behaving these is not small, and what does amara have to do with it?.
because it bothered Katrina so much, he had never seen her these distressed so much before.
that birth mark was the key to this, and that plus mark have an history with his wife and he his going to find out what it is.finally he decided to call a secret investigator to look into the matter.
what is wrong with u, toba asked are u sure u have nothing going on between u and that village s–t. you seems to have changed.
there is nothing going on, even if I to. Amara will not let me, even in a plate full of gold, as anger filled his head as he remembered as his own wife chased him out.
y do I have the feelings that u already want it toba asked.
Alex fixed toba an angry look, on toba & said y does it bother you so much?
Toba gwrind why shouldn’t it, when u run to me for advice and u fail , don’t come to me again. do what u want.
Alex, didn’t u advice me to beat her, have u seen where it has lead me to. the only thing am seeing here is that u have become a chicken just because thing u keep in your house . she is keeping you on her toes likea a puppet. when did u become these soft Alex .looking at him like u couldn’t believe believe himself.
say one more thing and I will show u how unsoft my fist can be. with these he looked too dangerous, you can display ur fist here but when u see amara u turn into a jelly fish.