Endless Tears Episode 25


Alex drove home with anger burning thru his heart, toba was right he had changed. even the blind would see it vividly, he could not tell what caused it and he his regretting how he treated her. why he could not tell , maybe because she had picked up her self and has put the past behind her or maybe because she is now bold to stand against him. even Lisa could not stand against him but Amara did it, it was annoying and amusing as well. or probably her growing beauties was getting into.his head. he rubber his hand over his head in frustration, there is these strange feeling he is having towards Amara but he can not make out what it is, there is this strange connection between them and it not love, he has loved before and he knows what it.is but this isn’t love. for instance Lisa does not hold his heart , but there is a strong sexual connection between them that he could not do away with, he has loved a woman before and got hurt by it. so now what was he feeling for Amara? he groans in frustration. he hated what he could not defined and angrily drove into the compound.
I adjusted my gown slightly as I walked down to.get a cup of water, because sleeping is just too difficult these days. it was one of the days my memories would come back hurting me. many times I had tried to put it behind me . but at times my emotions will over ride me when I find my self on the massive bed.
as I walked fully into the sitting room I saw Alex sitting on the mini bar drinking his head turned looking at me. as I stood transfixed looking back at him. are u willing to join the party since am not the only one who can not sleep.
I noticed he his drunk, I shook my head as it starlets me that every thing I knew about him was wrong. so u are also a drunker I said with anger. his posture was composed even in the drunken state only in his voice you will know he is drunk. I am not drunk madam he said, am only tips he raised his half filled glass and said join me . I eyed him, u are not well u know, and wanted to go back upstair.
yes I need help to get to my room my legs are shaken. I hissed , u can sleep on the bar or sleep standing up I don’t care. from the corner of my eyes I saw him standing to his feet, at first he seems stable until he made a step and almost fell down. I wanted to run and hold him but I caught my self on tym. I don’t care I told my self, I don’t care if he falls and break his neck. it won’t mean a thing to me.
he closed his eyes tightly for a second trying to get his self stable ,he took a step again and nearly fall before I knew it I was by his side. realizing it I was more angry at my self than I was at him. I should have watch him fall without helping him, I should have walked over his falling body. I sightly grappled his head roughly, I Gus’s it will not hurt letting u break ur neck. I said as I dragged him roughly upstair angrily.
he smiled annoying, and said I guess u still.like my neck.
I felt the urge to w him down the step. it would be better u keep ur mouth shut if not I will be happy to throw you down the stairs