Endless Tears Episode 26


Mr Bello marched inside the house with burning anger. Katherine he shouted, the maids in the house ran for their dear life making way for him wondering what is wrong with their calm boss. Katherine he shouted again feeling like he was about to fly into many pieces. Mrs bello ran down the stairs , she had been on the edge since Amara birthday and her husband had been very quiet about it. she had been doing all the research making sure that no body finds out, but she didn’t see anything. the only way she could have found out was going to Amara’ s parents but that was the last thing she will do. now hearing her husband shouting her name scared her to death. she appeared before her husband breathing hard as his eyes bored into her like dagger and she knew that she is doomed.
as he turned to the door and said to her follow me he barked and she instantly obeyed him she had never seen this side of her husband before, he looked like a deadly animal looking for who to devour anything in it part and Mrs bello feels like a prey right now.
bello please talk to me she rushed after him, he didn’t appeared to have heard he entered the car without calling the driver and ordered her to get in, the gate man was wise enough to open the door without been told, all the servants were filled with bewilderment . Mrs bello started crying seeing her husband driving like a mad man. all her intestine shook with fears as she grabbed the handle of the car for support. Bello she called again as the tears kept falling from her eyes.
Bello gripped the steering very tight to prevent him self from beating his wife to pulp in motion.when he drove into alex compound there was no doubt left in Kate mind that the secret was aleady out, please bello she pleaded but her husband came out of the car hitting the door very hard. he marched into the house turning to see her standing by the car shakily.
if u don’t get in now, if I descend on you. u wouldn’t be alive to say the clour of ur skin.
I sat down in confusion as I looked at my parent, why would my father in law ask them to come here for these early? was he in for another surprise, of the new family I found my self the only person I like is the senator I have respect for him that can not be relived, but what was so confusing is my mother tense state, she was asking to leave if not for my pleading she could have fled the house. I heard the door opened and the senator walked in looking very odd and he was angry looking at me with hatred . i havw never seen him like that befor. and I wondered what I might have done wrong. and his wife was crying, I would never believe it if I didn’t see for my self.
what the hell us going on here I heard Alex said, I didn’t know he lift his study to join us. the senator looked at his son and looked at me and shook his head and ran his hand thru his head. can someone explain to.me what is going on I shouted with alarm , it scare me to death because my parents were behaving strangely.
the senator said, tell her he bombed.
my father glared at him, tell her what we are not hiding any thing from her.
the senator looked at my parents, tell her he shouted and my parents shifted.
tell me what I asked ?
wount u tell her, won’t u tell her that u are not her real parents.
my ear rang as the word repeated on my ears I couldn’t hold it as I grabbed the couch for support as the wind knocked me off, this might be an expensive joke Sir, I smiled tightly. and this joke is not funny sir.
do I look like am joking he said, on the contrary I feel like dying , i have spent my whole life on a decit like the you.
I didn’t even care to understand what it meant, I faced my white faced parent, mama , papa won’t u say anythin? they looked annoying silence, his he not saying the truth I yelled at them.
the senator laughed but it didn’t shoe on his face. off course am saying the truth because I am here with ur mother, he dragged Mrs bello to the front. Amara behold this wore is ur mother.
everything fell silent as I look like a pillar looking at everyone standing around me, I held the chair very tight for support

What is the meaning of this Alex shouted, this is the most stupid thing I have ever heard u say
I laughed suddenly and soon my laughter increased and I started barking with laughter & every one turned looking at me, sir this is the most halirous thing I have ever heard u sau. my mother in law …. my mother? how can she be my mother I said to the senator who was about to burst with anger,
you better open ur dirty mouth he said to my mother in law who was really scared , or I will chook u to death. my gaze turn to her and she started speaking, he… he …. is right I abounded you in a trash twenty years ago , they probably picked u up. am ur birth mother.
I shooked my head as I started falling and every thing became black.
I focused on the camera as I bit my lips to stop the tears from falling, I took seconds fully before I could talk again, my whole life has been spent on lies and deceit. not as it ought to be. I had a straight life like others. how would I live like this knowing that my brothers child is in my belle growing. how would I be each time I remembered that I have committed the greatest abomination, incest,” I exclaimed.
my life is now in shambles, my life is not worth living I wish that Lisa succeeded in getting rid of my pregnancy. how can I give birth to a child who will grow up to know that he is a product of abomination, looking at the camera and the audience hoping to see this day. this is too Mich for me, just because of one mistake.
that one mistake had wreck my life and had brought me endless tears and pains. I hope one day I can be able to bid fair well to tears and pains. but now it will never end, do u think my mistake was having s-x with Alex? I asked, No my mistake was loosing focused, I had dreams. but I stepped away, all I had to do was to stay focused. but I got detracted, I destroyed my life because of momentary pleasure….” I breathed. am sending out this massage to u all hoping u will learn from my story, u will gain nothing from premarital s-x. please never make the kind of mistake I made I should have been at school by now , pursing my dreams but I got astrayed. I strayed into lions den. thinking that I was daniel who got out.
and one last thing beware of coppers.
I tied my roped firmly on the tree, ted it over and over again around my neck. i looked at the world for the lat time as tears rolled down my cheeks, life is not worth it, I apologized to my child over and over again for putting him through this pain although I now he will be happy I freed him from much pains to come. I removed my wedding and threw it on the ground. I wiped my tears and said it over ,it finally over and I kicked out the stool beneath my feet.