Endless Tears Episode 27


Alex entered his fathers house,and hit the door very hard as anger filled his hrt, his mother who was pacing about stopped and he walked to her. Alex ” she said, no don’t call my name Alex barked at her. you have destroyed my life what sort of mother are u. am sorry Mrs bello said, am sorry my son she cried.
My son” don’t call me DAT, I will be really glad to hear that u are not my mother. you are not worthy to be called my mother he said. I have been boastful of u but now am forced to realized that u are a harlot, my sister, I married my sister he said in bewilderment. she is carrying my child, a product of incest.
Mrs bello did not bother to hide her tears, am sorry she cried .
sorry” is that all you can say. will that change anything, you have destroyed the life’s of ur children, you threw away a child, a human begin, and now am expecting a child From my sister. I have always wanted a sibling and now am married to her. imagine, I unknowingly placed a bet on my sister and played with her innocent what goes around comes around, unknowingly I have stabbed my self in the back. I am guilty as u are he said in anger.
she’s is ur half sister she said,
have sister u say, but the word sister is still there isn’t it, how can u still speak , i hate u as I hate my self. you are the worst thing that have ever happened to me.
I opened my eyes every thing was white, yes! I have heard of heaven but this is not heaven. I have never seen anywhere this white before and unfamiliar breeze blew me, and it was cool. but something else is wrong, y do I feel like I have been beating with a big wood for a long time. I opened my eyes wider now and I saw a fan, this can not be heaven. I shouldn’t be weak in heaven and y would there be fan in heaven I thought. a rambling sound came from the other side and I turned my head to see the cause of the noise but the pain I received would make me pass out, what is wrong every thing seems blank and the face I saw was just handsome and recall only two men I have notice like that, Alex and Kelvin. kelvin? what the hell am I doing with him, a frown crossed my face equally matching the worried look on his face, easy, easy he said gently, thank god u are finally awake now. he brushed a strand of my hair. the situation became too confusing I wanted to talk but my mouth was too heavy.
you don’t have to talk Honey’ he said. I became alarmed honey? despite my pains and sore , throat I forced my self to talk. where am I?