Endless Tears Episode 28


Let me get the doctor he said, he went out of the room. I thought how I got to the hospital, and of all the people on earth y must it be Kelvin here with me , I raised my hands and rub my fore head, all of a sudden it came flashing on my head and I jumped From the bed but what I could only do was to turn to another side, you should be lying down kelvin said. my eyes became dizzy and I swan in my sitting position, he hasten to my side and gently pushed me to lying position and the doctor came to.my side. the doctor looked over me and smiled, miss how are u feeling.
angrily, I replied, what am I still doing on earth, who is the unfortunate person that save my unfortunate self from dying. Kelvin looked at me , he wasn’t angry but he was worried, if u put it that way I am the unfortunate person. it would be a waste for such a person so full of life to dye like that.
well that is so unfortunate you should have minded ur own business that could have saved me from this trauma of staying alive, as I was saying it his words sanked into my head, I began to see truth in his words, but they will not understand, would they? they will not know that killing my self was the best option for me.they would not know that death was the best option for me, I fully looked at Kelvin for the first time, apart from noticing his handsome face I also noticed his hair is longer than most men, just long enough to envelope my fingers , I thought strangely. a faint smile crossed his face, am glad u are checking me out because if u see somthing u like u might consider living.
that statement effortlessly drove my thought of killing my self, I raised my hands . even if I am checking u out what makes u think I like what I see huh? I don’t see anything I feel like I like I replied him.
instead of frowning he smiled, oh I am sure u like what u see he said, I refused shaking my head I know it will hurt like hell,u are just too full of ur self to think so. No sweethrt the way ur hand twisted when u look at my hair was a sigh u like what u are seeing a lot. I froze instantly and gave him a blank look. you are just imaging things, a good imagination that must be. I signed and looked at the doctor who seems to have been infected with smiling disease, I signed again I have seen smiling faces that would last me a life time I said in annoyance.
watching you is a good sigh to make me smile, Kelvin said and the doctor opened his mouth.
yes, I said. my life is a big mess. if is wasn’t so am is I would have joined you guys in laughing. I don’t blame u guys I said and the smiles in there faces wiped out. you know this is not what I mean, he says seriously.
well it good you are not crying of pains Like most women in ur condition will be doing right now. and that was y we where smiling the doc said you are interesting to watch and u are making me forget my duty he said.
you cannot imaging how interesting my life is,
my life would make am interesting movie. I said as my predicament refaced . the smile on their faces was non existence again. I looked at Kelvin don’t expect me to thank you for preventing my death, because u didn’t do me a favour. but u have given me another chance to pains and tears but don’t worry am already used to it