Endless Tears Episode 29


I know what you are thinking Kelvin said suddenly, u promise not to thank me and am holding ur word to you, I hate been appreciated and it feels like am old, now stop thinking. I blushed and I thought y am I always on guard with this guy , he always get me to my toes ranting like an idiot and saying things I really don’t mean, you don’t have to stay here I said pls go I will be fine. he smiled , I won’t give u the change to repeat what u did before am going to.make sure that you and your cid are protected he said, and you are coming with me to my house. I opened my mouth, no argument he said, silently me . without words but with his face. if u can’t take care of ur self I will gladly do it for you, I won’t watch a beautiful flowers like u wither before my eyes. reminding me of the last time we met.
Bello, mrs bello called.as walked to him in fear, they have not shared a word after the confection, he didn’t move his head and he pretended like he didn’t hear her, pls talk to me she said in tears, when are we going to talk about this she said. am sorry she said again in tears would u forgive me? he kept quiet. he raised his eyes to her finally and she opened er mouth to talk, we are strangers and we will continue to live like that till I will be able to divorce you he said, Mrs bello gasped in shock
just tell me, who did u cheat on me with” he asked?
she tool a step backward, it Habeeb.
which Habeeb? he asked?
his frown dipen.
it Habeeb sanji my former driver.
I opens the door to.kelvins car and stepped down, Kelvin appeared at side, I didn’t know what processed me to come home with you I said to him, this is a ridiculous I deal.
it not as ridiculous as you wanting to take ur own life as we walked into his house.
I looked at him, there is nothing ridiculous here Dan to endure so much pains, he was silent until we entered, the house was beautiful moderate in sized for the bachelor he is, my eyes got hold of a picture and it was that of a lady and she was really pretty.
she is beautiful I said with a odd smile on my face. his eyes followed mine and he smiled too
yes she is, he said with pride that my little sister and she is a pain in the neck.I smiled genuinely for the first time, I love siblings relationship and it must be fun growing up with her