Endless Tears Episode 30


Do you fight with ur brother often he asked me, I was shocked instantly,and my gaze turned instantly and his smile faded . no I couldn’t tell him . I can’t tell him. y did u attempt to kill ur self even in ur condition he asked me again,y is the mention of ur husband or if u have a brother have negative effect on u.
no I can’t tell him, if I tell him he will run from me and it really shameful to talk about. how can I tell him my husband and my brother are the same person. who in earth can hear that and remain sane,the fact that am still on my right sense now is still a mystery to me
you can trust me ara, I will be a listening ear , he said gently. I shaked my head lightly, when I said my life is like a movie I was joking or telling lies. I cannot tell you, because it devastating to talk about.
he nodded his head, if u don’t tell me I will be wondering what happened to you. signed and I stood up from the chair and went to kelvins sisters photo and ran my hands thru it, you must love ur sister more than anything in this world I asked him, am sure u are going to protect her from any thing that would hurt her and you will never bet on her virginity. never he said as his voice raised to a level. that is very ridiculous, I walked to him with a painful smile on my face as I fought back tears from my eyes, I wonder if time will come I will be able to tell my story without tears, oh well thank god for a brother like u. his eyes widen as he looked at me, y don’t you sit down honey”
I shook my head and walked away from him. well you want to hear my story, well you will and I took a sit, I looked at kelvins family picture and smlied weakly. I grew up with my mother and father and my mother was my best friend I never really got along with my dad but u loved him, I had high dreams I was a village girl and am still a village girl, I grew up in the village and studied there but because of my high dreams, I read any books my eyes came upon. I stole glazing from our lneibour television and I spend times with the teachers. you must feel I don’t talk like a vullage girl, well I adpt quickly to change. I learn quickly and that was how I got my self here, it got me in the hand if a viper copper. because of my habit in spending time with teachers in other to learn more, but he used it to seduced me, but guess what I fell for him, I laughed as I shooked my head. I got carried away and I threw my ambitions to the wind with his sweet words and flowers until I finally gave him my virginity.TBC