Endless Tears Episode 31


Kelvin was silent for several second , and I could hear the sound of the clock suddenly he jumped up. hold on he said as his face turned to look at me, are u trying to tell me ur brother placed a bet to disflower u?.
that is it, I smiled sadly, he jumped , that son of a b—h he said with a tight teeth. he looked angry and dangerous, forgive me honey, but that ur brother is a b—–d. how dare him with a raised voice, the anger on his voice was enough to remove the bad memories from my head, forgive me for been harsh with my words
I don’t know what to say, but who did that to you? I laughed bitterly, but that the funny part isnt it? I said as tears slipped unnoticed from my eyes it would have been better if someone else had carried out the act.
what do you mean as his face turned looking at me fully, I was deflowered by my own brother I said as tears keep running down from my eyes. he frozed and suddenly became a pillar of salt before my eyes. it funny right, I asked as i started laughing . it will make a good movie right? I was still laughing until I discovered I was actually crying Kelvin walked towards me and I took a step back…just ..just live me I want to just cry until someone would take pity on me and wake me up from this bad dreams, I have tried Kelvin I have tried to wake up but this dream seems to go on for ever, am scared because it seems like a reality to me with each passing day.
stopping my attempt to wade him off, he dragged me into his arms and held me close as close as my tummy would allow, he took me to the coach and held me saying it ok and you will be fine, he kept on saying those words until my crys stopped, are u hungry he suddenly asked,I raised my head up from his shoulder instantly thinking what the problem might be. I have not gotten over what Alex did, here I am in another mans house and in his arms.
you can trust me ara, am not Alex he said with a clenching teeth showing he his still angry over Alex, how he was able to read my thought was a major concern for me, can I not think of any thing without him knowing? he smiled and stood up, I will get u somthing to eat he said.
I can’t stay here I said, it too close to Alex house, I don’t have any cause of seeing anyone if am going to remain alive and staying this close to them will be really be a problem kelvin
and I can’t stay with u Kelvin, staying with a man can be really risky and I don’t want to disturb ur privacy.
and where would u stay he asked, I can stay Alone and I will take care of my self. I know u can but u won’t, and I will not force u to stay but I have a place by where u canthout any disturbance. and I will just be visiting, but y are u so kind to me I asked, he smiled and said not every one is bad and I wish to be kind and I want to make u smile again