Endless Tears Episode 32


I walked on the street of my new environment, Kelvin brought me here over a month ago just as he promised I have been here ever since, the house is moderate in size and there was a woman who was in charge of the house, Kelvin inherited the house from his grandfather but he hadn’t live there, he hired a woman to take care the house. after staying a month there I have been bored to death. I was ten month gone and my tummy protuted like a car I fear that the quiteness of the building was the result of my boredom Mrs KANU was as a mute as a fish she doesn’t talk to any one. going about the house like a ghost. I wish she could talk to me and I wouldn’t feel bored she was a perfect definition of introvert with capital l” all my effort to make her talk was fruity, I always looked forward to kelvins visit which is not often I always find my self missing him once he stood up to go, I never mention my boredom I don’t ant him to think am ungrateful for all is help.quite the opposite if not for Kelvin I wouldn’t have know where I could have been now,probably dumped in one of the worst grave in town, I presumed Kelvin as a kind and funny person and I found my self getting close to him, he visit once or twice a week depending on his work. I sensed a movements close to me and I turns around to find Mrs KANU looking at me, lunch is served she said and word away, I don’t think I have ever heard her uttered more than ten sentences. I went to the dinning room and stated eating the food side is that her food is always good . I head the sound of kelvins car and today is Thursday and he dosnt visit on that day. I left my food and went to the door and I was really happythat I finally have a company, but I remembered he told me that Thursday Fridays and Mondays where is busiest day, was he coming to tell me he longer want to help me I thought, after all am a baggage. I opened the door kelvin was more handsome don’t before and he was carrying a bag I wanted to collect it, but I couldn’t do anythinbut stare at him.
hey beautiful he called, do u still find me handsome he said with a smile,
you are too full of ur self I said, can I help you I said pointing at the bag he was holding. he smiled if I can help you carry the one u have.I his my smile had had always be teasing me of the pregnancy and never for once mentioned the father of the child and I was greatful for that. Kelvin and I sat on the chair, I had the impression that he was hiding something from me, sipt it out kel what are u hiding.
he smiled , I love it when u call me that. I frowned, am not smiling kelvin I know u are hiding something, OK someone came to my office few days back demanding to see u. he his a police officer and his name is detective sinja, fol what he told me he was the one that arrested lisa and I didn’t know how he knew I had dealings with u, what does he want I asked nervously the last thing I want now is facing my past. he said he wanted to meet u, that u two have unfinished business and I guess it Lisa case, I nodded my head, and I havnt visited the station since she was arrested.
what are we going to do he asked,we? he had always seen my problems as his, I wondered how I can repay him for carrying my cross. I want to see him and be done with, am withdrawing my charge’s against Lisa, if she had succeed with her plans it would have saved me from some pains . are u sure honey, I don’t want you to go thru any form of stress.
I smiled, kel, am not made of glass I will go.