Endless Tears Episode 33


Kelvin and I both agreed to meet the police man at the eatery when don’t want a situation where people like Alex show up at my door. and that would happen if they know where I stay.I walked into the restaurant and soon sighted detective sinja sitting at a conal of the eatery and Kelvin was sitting some distance away from him. mr sinja stood up the moment he saw me, good evening sir I greeted it has been a while now, I said with a tight smile.
mr sinja smiled briefly and I looked at him, he was not s young man and he was handsome and I thought of how many women will be running after him when he was younger and even now, I assumed he will be in his forties and his eyes made me reasoned he had gone through a lot in his life,
how are u Mrs bello he said, oh no” the last thing I want now is someone calling me that name and that would bring only one person to my mind. Amara would be fine I told him, before my legs would give way, this evening is already becoming bad I said to my self, I caught kelvins concern look across the other end of the room.
Amara is it then he said, do I order something for u he asked, I shook my head, I want to get over with this and be done with it as quickly as possible. he smiled I thought I would take ur time and visit the station he said and u never did, I hope u are aware that Lisa was granted bail, I nodded, Lisa family has been in and out if the station pleading for u to drop charges. we would have charged her to court but we are waiting for ur word, are u ready to take it to court he asked.
I am dropping the case against Lisa and I don’t…Habeeb” someone shouted and our head turned, I nearly fainted when I saw who was standing, gasping at us. why does this devil had to show up here, Mrs bello stood few table before us looking at the police man. who would have thought of this woman showing up here. meeting the police man was a bad mistake I have made, she turned her gaze to me and was in shock and she looked more paler than before. the last thing I saw she was coming toward me and I grabbed a bottle in my hand. Kelvin came to the table with a a concern look on his face. he looked at me and also looked at the detective, Kelvin also turned white.
do you know her i manage to ask him, but he kept quite and seems to be in a far thought.
are u OK, ara Kelvin asked me, it better we leave now..
habeeb Mrs bello called again and he replied and called her Kate, and my curiosity got me.
he must have know her to a certain limit to have called her on first name basis.let go Kelvin said with more force now, but Mrs bello said no pls wait she said running towards us, Mr sinja stood up I think I better live he said.
No you can’t go she talked with more force making other people turn and was looking at us. u know Amara oh no my life is ruined , she said looking scared.
what about amara he asked, and dismissed her, well it nice seeing you again Kate, I need to catch up with another appointment he said and made for the door. there is somthing I need to tell u Mrs bello said and he stopped. and what is that he said looking at her.
she looked around and people where looking at us, pls let go somewhere more private she said.
amara Kelvin called, let live . I have nothing to discuss with u Mr Sinja said and began to live again.
you have a daughter she said, the detective froze and everyone in the eatery. and people where looking at us, u are right Kelvin let live this place. I stood up made for the door where Mr sibja stood rooted to the ground looking at Mrs bello like she had lost her mind. I walked fast from the eatery with Kelvin holding my hand. amara wait Mrs bello called out,
dame it I shouldn’t have allowed you come here Kelvin said and we were moving fast.
Mr Sonja walked to Mrs bello and dragged her forcefully. what the hell are u saying he asked, what daughter is that.
Amara she called again, I stopped and looked at her, how can she have rgrright to call my name after all she did,am sorry my dear please forgive me she said, whether u regret ur action or not it does not change anything we are just creating unnecessary scandal here. pls leave me in peace OK.
you cant live please, and she turned to Mr Sonja, our relationship back then produced a daughter.
what daughter are u talking about and he shook her like a doll.
she’s… she’s Amara, Amara is that child.