Endless Tears Episode 34


I blinked, my ears became to heavy, this is a big joke I thought looking at them like they are speaking Latin, I grappled Kelvin hands tightly.
d–n it Amara am getting out of here he said forcefully. u don’t mean it right I asked looking at like they have grown horn. Mr sinja stood frozen in a stop with his mouth opened, looking at me like a ghost, how can u say such a thing huh, I shouted and I felt a strong pain in my stomach, you don’t know what u are saying……. you don’t know what u are saying at all and I felt the pain again and I bent down.
ara, what is wrong kelvin said holding my hands, Mrs bello came running to my side i tried to stand up but the pain over took me almost knocking me down . arrrrh I shouted in pains , my tummy I yelled again, kelvin my tummy I cried out as the pain became unbearable. get the car I heard Mr sinja shouted as he lifted me in his hand effortlessly the pains took over my senses and every fiber in my body. my baby pls be fine I kept saying. I took my hands to my tummy all I felt was unmeasurable pain as I shouted again,
kelvin paced outside the hospital in the waiting room angrily, how can u two be like this have you seen what u caused. his can u bring such a topic before her in her condition, I knew it I shouldn’t have let her out of the house and if anything happen to her I can never forgive my self, immediately the police man arrived at Kelvin office he noticed that they related somehow but he waved it out, assuming he knew he could have protected her from finding out. he turned to look at the elderly man who looked like he had been struck by lightly. kelvin sighted the doctor coming out of the door and asked where are her husband or her parent.
we are here Mrs bello said and the police man looked at her, the doctor said her condition is delicate and she will be dull by next month but I fear she had falling into by force labour.
what Kelvin shouted,
but am afraid if she doesn’t give birth now I life will be in danger, she’s is in get pains now and her life is at stake right now, and it due to physical and emotion stress and I hope the situation doesn’t worsen I fear we might go into c section , excuse me the doctor said hurriedly and left,, kelvin looked at the doctor white faced and shouted Oh my God.