Endless Tears Episode 35


The waiting room was filled with people obviously waiting for one person and thinking of another person, Mr and Mrs peter where there, and Mrs peter was just worried. she had been walking about until stars stared coming to her eyes, she felt pain in her heart that she had hurt her daughter so much from keeping the truth away from here.all she wanted was to keep her birth secret from preventing her from getting hurt, she regretted it and she knew that been sorry would not take away the damage the secret had causes Amara life if only she can find a place in her heart to forgive her.
Mr peter on the other hand was angry he felt that amara had gone thru a lot but ending here marriage with her brother and all, he was angry that she was no longer on there side. why did every thing crumbled when Amara started bringing cash home, despite his numerous treat to his wife about reviewing Amara birth he knew he could never do it, not when he knew he could loose. he knew he could always get cash from Alex if she was on their side, but now everything was in shambles, that possibility was out of question . h doesn’t even know what he was doing in the hospital. seated like a jobless man, Amara had been a good daughter, she had made the mistake her self she should pay it her self,but still it wouldn’t hurt to be seen with the snr family, would it?
Mr bello sat a distance from the other people with his head resting on the back side, he had a lot of things to do in the office but he could not just turn deaf ear when he had that amara had gone into by force labour. normally he should hate amara for been the product of his wife dirty act, but we was never someone who transfer aggression. he doesn’t think and act like other men, he liked Amara a lot, she had a strong and fighting spirit, he instant like her when he saw the way she handled Alex . it was not her fault that she was not conceived in a better way. actually he couldn’t imagine the kind of pains she might be feeling, all because of the stupid action of the woman he married.
no wonder the child is reacting that way in the womb. even thou the senator was worried about Amara, he wasn’t prepared to meet the person that got his wife pregnant. his formal employee was seated in the chair when he arrived right there and then Mr bello wanted to forget his position in the society and break habeebs neck , but he forcefully had to put his anger into control, there would always be a place and time for that.