Endless Tears Episode 36


Mr Habeeb felt like his brain has contacted deadly virus, he could not think well his daughter was behind that door in between life and death. that sounded wired to his ears, his life had been a sorrowful for as long as he can remember, when Kate has pushed him out of her life and out of his livelihood his life had crumbled. he never dreamt that he could fall for her, but then she dumped him like a piece of trash who wouldn’t not see that coming when she was married with a child. he should have been wise enough to reject any dealing with her or even more wide to keep his hrt under locked with a key back then. but he had falling badly for her and paid deadly for it he hadn’t been able to love again even after staying alone for a long time. his family had forced a woman on him and he married her even when he never loved her. but he treated her well until he was able to see he as a Frd, but tragedy happened she dead in an accident Aline with their three years old son. destroyed without redemption he joined the police force and not even considering another marriage and now he had a daughter? he could never loose her, when he just found her, not even the presence of his ex boss would stop him from praying for his daughter.
Alex carried a bottle of hot wine, but he wasn’t drinking it, ever he found out that he was married to his sister his life had been bad, he took into drinking thinking he can forget his problem but after drinking to stupor and the haze cleared he would be left with more problems bigger than it was before, he instantly got lawyer to process their divorce but that didn’t change that he had been married to sis sister, it didn’t changed the fact that he had treated his own sister like a piece of trash used and be beating at any given opportunity. she was right there now labouring with the child he had putting in her, but what could he do? but to sit and wait helplessly. he looked to the woman he called mother and she was still crying and he moved further away from her, Alex couldn’t feel any thing for her except anger, she is the creator of this mess. she had effortlessly destroyed every one because of her selfish desires.
Kevin couldn’t keep still, he was either sitter and standing, his thought was in disarray. he had tried to think of what Amara is going thru inside there. he had never been with anyone to labour room before but what he had about it was terrifying him, but waiting in the waiting room was given him too much tension. Tina and Tola was also pacing around with their mouth murmuring audible prayers,
the door opened and the doctor walked out and everybody turned to him and asking him different questions that had the same meaning at the same time, the doctor looked tired and shook his head.
am sorry he said.
silence fell on every one, what are u sorry for Tina shouted and cried bitterly.