Endless Tears Episode 37


Pain was the only thing I have known, that painful feeling that goes thru ur body soul and spirit until u can’t feel any thing other pains. I screamed, pushed and pushed until my Lowe body felt like it was on fire. the word push push kept on coming until it was registered in my head. I screamed in serious pains until years rolled down my eyes , I held the sheet of the bed hard, I bit down my lips to stop my self from screaming but it was not enough to stop it, then the pain stopped and vanished all together, complete silence took place even my heart beat stopped I could not hear anything again. the silent was more scary than the pains I was having few minute ago. I wanted that noise again, it was like everyone had vanished and I was left alone, I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to be alone all by my self, then I remembered that I have been alone , the people who wanted me did not belong to me. yet those I belong to did not want me, what a life, is that what I should return to?
But am a fighter, I don’t give up, I have things I have to prove to my self and those who rejected and abused me that alone is a reason for me to live.
I felt a hand brushed my face, the soft cares made me sign, and I fell back into my unconscious state, I felt that uncontrollable pains again but it was not as worst as I remembered. I opened my eyes I felt a form looting over me, I opened my eyes and saw Kelvin worried look over his face. as our eyes held ,relieve washed over his face. hey he whispered, as a smiled crossed his face and he kissed my fore head. lingering than he ought to be. before sitting down I noticed his heavy eyes and that he hadn’t slept for a while. my hand felt weak but I raised it to his face, you shouldn’t be worried about me I said to him. he smiled and kissed my hands, I can’t help my self honey” he said softly, how are you feeling.
truthfully I wasn’t felling any thing but pains, how can I tell him that. am fine I said. his eyes flashed with somthing I could not recognized and he kissed my cheeks , sweet hrt I really want you to be fine he said, pls be fine for me. his sent envelope my senses that scent that always draw me close to him.
I noticed something different about me, kel where is my baby and he froze. fine.. your baby is fine he said hurriedly, l looked at him. Kelvin you are a bad lair as I gripped him. fear came over his face, raising my voice was causing more pains but I beard it. where is my baby boy I know it is a boy I cried trying to sit up and look around, pls lie down he said pushing me back to the bed and pressing the bed bell. I am clam kel please tell me where my child is I said but he tied me down with his hand to the bed. please I need to see my child I begged him, you should be fine first honey he said then I eilk take you to go and see him. his something wrong with him I said, is something wrong with him, suddenly doctors and nurses rushed in and kelvin moved away. and they pined me dow, pls nurses where is my baby I asked again she said he is fine and l felt niddle entering my hand and my eyes closed on their own but before that I caught Kelvin worried face and I got my answers.