Endless Tears Episode 38


Kelvin held unto my hands tightly and I looked at him, I told u I can walk on my own. I was already discharged now and was free to go home, but how can I be happy to go home when I wasn’t carrying my child? he was a stillborn!!!! I heard the word over and over again but I stopped my self from crying. I have cried enough that will last me a life time. Tina and tola had visited trying to encourage me trying to make me see the positive side of my situation, but I still feel shattered. even thou my child was a product of abomination I still wanted him, I will know I have something which is mine. I know I will have him to encourage me. but now I have to face the harsh reality that am still alone. Kelvin hand tightened and I smiled knowing that there is someone who still want me despite all or some people thinking of Tina and tola.
kelvin paused as he was about to open the door, I looked at him and he smiled at me kissing my forehead before opening the door then I saw of of them, all that helped destroyed my life, I looked at kelvin and he said I prevented them from seeing u all thru ur stay, but I could not prevent this, I signed as I faced them I has no feeling left, I neither feel angry or happy I wanted this to be the last time I will ever see them again.
Amara …my baby…amara how are you where coming from different directions, I didn’t even bother to know where it was coming from all I wanted is to live this place but a few words where in other.
listen to me every one I said raising my voice, I am fine , you don’t have to worry falsely about me, it too late to be asking how I am now, I am happy to be seeing u all now and I might not ever u you again and I will be happy if I never see most of you again. silence filled every where and I turned to Alex , I raised my hand at him. so you can really be worried about me copper it is funny men do things they can’t do to there sister. when you where mocking me and dishorning me behide my back u didn’t know u where doing that to ur own sister. well this is a lesson to all men, before you do things to any woman think about ur own sister.
I looked at Mr sinja who happen to be my father, am sorry Sir if I can’t call u my father now, he nodded , yes off cuss my dear, I was right when I said u have seen many things in life, I don’t know half of your story but I will not have enough time to hear it, you look like a good man and y would have made a good father if u where given the chance.
I turned to my parents I have known all my life, papa, mama, I know I have pushed my anger towards u and I am sorry, even thou I know that papa never loved me and accepted me but am still great full to you, when I was rejection and thrown intge trash you where the once that picked me up , u took care of me for years even when I was next to nothing. am really grtful, u will never stop been my parent I hugged my dad briefly and my mum who held me tightly. I love u my baby I love u so much she whispers into my ears.
I turn to the senator and bowed to him, Sir I bowed to you in respect, I instantly developed respect for u the moment I saw you, I have never seen a man as principal as u , even when I wasn’t happy in my marriage I saw you as the best father in law, u should hate me for what I stand in ur family, but then you are here worded about me I recpect u for that, u deserve happiness may u find it
I wanted to leave but there is person. I turned to Mrs belli, she stood shaking and I could not smile at her, I hated you the minutes I saw you,you where a wicked mother in law, but as my mother u are worse, if there anyone I never wish to never see again it would be you. I will never accept u as my mother, u rejected me then am rejecting you now, you havecaused many people sadness you are not worthy to be called my mother, and please don’t look for me and you will never find me,I looked at kelvin please let go, pls am sorry she cried