Endless Tears Episode 39 Final


Despite all the protest, I turned to Tina and tola and said to them I want to leave now. who said that blood is thicker than water?.
I stood with my bags waiting for kelvin to enter, immediately he entered he saw my bags and said Ara where are u going to as his face grew pale.
I signed wondering how I was going to handle it.
am leaving kel am going away, he marched instantly towards me. what are u talking about and where are you going?
anywhere I want to rebuild my life over again am not divorce from Alex I want to put all my garbage behind and start all over again. all I.need now is a total new environment to start from the scratch.
bu.but u can’t go , I won’t let u go he said with his hands resting by his side, and his voice raised and he looked like he was going to die, this is becoming harder o could not look at his eyes, it it hard as he was trying to keep calm, I have to do this kelvin as tears started coming out of my eyes. staying here would make me fade out kel. I have nothing here but bad memories and now no matter how hard I try u have been linked to that memory. I want to go far away to a place I can build new memories and forget all that happened, you understand me kelvin.
I know u do, I held unto his gaze forcing my self to look inside his eyes, I need to start all over again kel pls don’t stop me. of everyone in the world I wanted him to understand me,
but…but he said and walk over to the window, I stood behind him tense and confuse, his muscles vibrated with tension. I just wanted to hold on him, wanted him to understand me, I love u Amara he said, his word sank into my head and I froze to a spot creating a terrible ache in my chest, kelvin turned to face me , I love u.
please , please don’t do this I murmured.
he smiled painfully and dragged me into his hands as he kissed my fire head my heart raced. I have never stood this close to him before and it was scaring, he lowered his kiss to my eyes, Kelvin I said as my legs started to give way. before I could think of protesting his mouth covered mine. my heart threating to burst out from my chest as his mouth moved from gentle to insistence, I held unto his neck as we kissed but I was alarmed. just thinking of the effect of what going on Kelvin stopped instantly and looked at me with blazing unreadable eyes, I was pretty sure mine mirrored his, then he said go and be happy, moving away from me he ran his hand inside his head.
I breathed hard dragging as many air as I could. kelvin I called not knowing if I still wanted to leave.
please promise me that u will be fine and I nodded I will be fine Kelvin and I will take care of my self, I will take to where ever u want he said, I nodded no , I want to do this on , u have done more than enough. he ran his hand on his head again. I would see u again but I must have achieved my dreams so that you will be proud of what I have become.
he smiled and said, honey I will move heaven and hell to find u again, I nodded and wiped the tears that was coming out of my eyes bend down and pickedup my bags I walked to the door with my heart heavier than the bags I was holding. I turned to see kelvin standing where he had been standing with his hands inside his trouser, goodbye kelvin I said and he nodded and said take care of ur self he said. I cleared my eyes and walked away breaking all the walls of pains can be very difficult, but when u succeed u will be emerge stronger and a better person,to purse my dreams and recover every thing that life took way from me because of my mistake, falling down in life is expected but raising up again is what really matters. a mistake does not kill but makes you more wiser, I turned back to look at the house I know that kelvin is there looking at me thru the window. I will achieve my dream this time, and I will do it for the person who truly loved me wholeheartedly- Kevin.
########## The End #####
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