Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 1


the printout the the four ladies.
when tags finally sited Amara passed a little smile on her face and turned to the ladies. hello ladies she called like she was just seeing them.
hello Ara the replied in unison , with more enthusiasm.
sorry I was late, I need to attend to other things.
she began, but since am here let get down to business, am going to make this meeting as short as possible because I have other appointment to catch so be attentive as possible.
the ladies nodded and murmured their acknowledgement , adjusting their seat and position and placing a smile on their faces trying to impress her. she noted this and mentally scored the way they carried them selves, she smiled, well you all knew why this meeting being held . you have been under training for the past two weeks and going thru post practical event planing. we have taking you thru the decorations, style, colour combinations , courtesy and manner of approach, how ever this is when u need to put all u have learn to speak for u, amara said and stood up keeping her contact with the four ladies as she continued. here in Ara p we boost of impeccable and unbeatable event planing right from the reception of the event to the end of it. we strived to deliver excellent service and we have been known for our professional approach to any event. she paused and noticed that one of the girls was jotting down what she had been saying, she mentally added point to her, the girls didn’t know that their test had started.
do you have and questions she asked? but they replied negatively. she smiled, have a lovely day ladies she said and walked out if the conference room. with her tab firmly in her hands as she greeted her workers.
she closed the door to her office and walked to her table, it has been six years now and who would ever think that she would be an event planner, she hadn’t thought of it her self. it had happened so fast, she was surprise how far she had come, her dream of becoming a doctor had been trampled. after heating the rock bottom and all she wanted was to get back again, she had quickly realized that been destroyed, and the way to get back is stop mourning the dead. her experience had changed her. she turned from a naive girl to a strong independent girl.
after leaving Kevin six years ago, she had walked around Abuja for several weeks before she meet a lorry driver who was headed to Lagos. the kind minded man helped her because he was traveling alone. the man even feed her in their way. coming to Lagos was the best decision she had ever made because there was always something to sustain her self in the ever busy Lagos. her ladder to success wasn’t an easy one but she made it, she wasn’t where she wanted to be, but she’s not stopping.
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