Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 2


Amara took out her system and took it out of the stand by mood , checking the company email but found none.she just checked some minute ago and was not expecting to find any,but checking the email had become her habit even thou taga always stay on to check and keep her informed if she found any. she always wanted speedily responds to her costumers who choose to send email instead of calling. finding no email she opened her spread sheet she had been studying. she had three event coming up now and all their preparations are ready. all the event where wedding ceremony and it seems that everyone wanted to sentence their self in prison of marriage. everyone one wanted a happy ending after. dreams that only fairy tales talk about.if only they knew what they would get here in real life” is sadly ever after”;they would not happily accepted to sentence their self in prison.
she heard a knock on the door and the door cracked open and only one person would do that, taga was the only who did not see her as the high and mighty ara” if thou she respected her, which made them seem like frds rather than boss and staff when they are alone.
she could say what ever that comes into her mind without wasting time. even thou she was her secretary she was more like a personal assistance to her. she feels pride in calling her self a PA , even thou Amara hated it when she was over stepping her bound. still she can’t fire her because she was not stone hearted as she wanted to be.
hey boss the girls are coping very well with their first test, sitting down without Amara permission. that good to hear amara said without lifting her head from her system. a mail came in now and a company is celebrating their third year and they want to as their event planner. Amara lifted up her eyes for the first time and wondered y she always check her email, when tags would always be the first to find it out. that would be good news, that means will be working on something else than wedding. taga smiled , wait till you hear the company’s name, she said with happiness in her voice. Barcket” she said.
Amara was surprise, the news pleased her well
not because of the. AME but because of the status of the company. the company had surface from no where and it took over others
do u know the founder of the company?
no I don’t no, what about him she asked shutting down her system.
Omg, u should see him, he his really hot. she said, I have never seen a man born of a woman so got as him. ooohhh she used her hands to fan her self, amara looked at her disgust by. taga amara shouted and she jumped Form her chair, I need to remind u taga this is a working environment and u are employed to perform ur duties not to talk about men. if I are u I will focus on them, because there are many unemployed people seeking for ur position . have I made my self clear she said in anger.
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