Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 3


Now make ur self useful, yes boss she said not looking scared or repentant, off course that was not the hundred time she hearing that and off Amara threating to fire her. and make ur self useful by sending the mail to bracket I have an appointment to catch she stood up and took her bag. I hope it with a man taga said holding her breath, amara gritted her teeth and wondered y she hadn’t yet sack this girl and be done with it, she walked to the door and raga followed her closely.
meet the team I need an update report of the on going project on my table before I come back and if any thing urgent comes up call me.
don’t worry boss ur P.A would take care of every thing. taga said and Amara signed and walked away.
Max checked him self on the mirror again, as he ran his hands thru his jerry curl. his hair was permed making him look like those America actors with his light skin. he loved his hair now it made him look more handsome even thou he knew he had always been handsome. he smiled at him self in the mirror looking at his perfect white teeth, he left the room to the sitting room , he saw his driver waiting for him, how do I look he asked him, standing and waiting for his driver’s reply. the man smiled dryly ” well very handsome sir” and any woman would kill to have you, he said what he always says any time his employer asked him this question. but it was not a lie Max was one of the most handsome men in he had ever seen, but he wondered why his boss was always proud of how he looked. some ladies are not as beautiful as his boss his he said in disgust.
the response the driver had given him pleased him so much, he picked up his phone yes any woman would kill to have me , but I will kill to have that one woman as he mental picture of the woman appeared in his head, he pictured them together and said she would accept him the moment she set her eyes on him, he hadn’t seen any woman who had ever rejected him and it just a matter of days and she would be his, just his.
Amara drove into her compound completely tired and hunger was bitten her tummy and all she wanted was to go into a very good sleep she had not been able to return to her office after seeing her client the woman had be a big pain in the neck arguing at every word Amara said and she pasted her office smile on her face until she was certain her face would split into two with the force on it, as if that was not enough she had to face the award wining traffic jam on the way to her office moving only two inches in every 30minute until she decided to head home. signed she took her foot off the pedal and stepped out of the car. she pressed the unlock botten and walked into her mini flat apartment she occupied with three other people whose names she could not remember correctly she didn’t have time to mingo with any one and she doesn’t care anyways. entering her apartment her shoulder swang abit and her sitting room was not made for a day Like this, it was cold and emotionless and that how she wants it to be. she reminded her self that she had to remain focused, there was no picture no frame in the wall , all that could be seen there where comfortable chairs. and TV set, without pausing there she headed to her bed room , she dumped her bag I’m the bed
and used her last strength to remove her shoes
and collapse fully on the bed and slept off. as she entered her dream land her phone rang waking her up from her sweet sleep and she checked the called and it was Tina .
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