Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 4


But u are free by five pm taga said, not any more amara said in annoyance, no am not. and three pm.
taga tell brackets that am free by three pm, and if the time is not OK with their boss then it too bad,, she said and taga hurriedly carried out her boss order. less than an hour taga entered her office confirming the 3pm appointment with a a soft smile. Amara signed she’s not only going to deal with a date and also an arrogant man. looks like u would be seeing an incredible handsome man today taga said still smiling and she left, perfect Amara said and today isn’t going any better.
the sound of the kitchen wares rang out as several people moved around the big kitchen, Tina monitored her staffs making sure there was no mistake. opening a restaurant was a good ideal, alone with coming to Lagos. the crowed in Lagos would make a good choice for her, people where always there to eat in her shop and she felt fulfilled, Tina cooks had quickly gained the ground thanks to her good foods, meeting Amara a year ago was like a dream come thru, she had be looking for her for years she hadn’t yet told tola she felt bad and she knows that amara doesn’t want that to happen, Tina had the feeling that amara had not fully recoverd from her pains, she had no way of helping her because amara completely shut her out of her life, and she just hoped tgstbtge blind date stunt would help break the bridge between them.
Amara sat at the reception room, waiting to see the almighty bab Maxwell, the owner of bracket, he might be in a meeting because he had kkept her waiting for the pass hetwenty minute, amara looked irritated at her watch again, couldn’t he have left this task for one is his employees, she shook her head and took a deep breath, five minute more and she is out of here she can’t afford to wast her time, she still had to meet someone else and that useless date. she saw three men leaves Mr babs office and she looked at the secretary who instantly made a call, you can go in ma’am. thank you amara said jumping to her feet, placing a forced smile on her face, she knock on the door and heard a low come in, she took more needed breath and walked in and locked the door as she took a step in and her eyes landed in the man and her eyes got stuck, jez taga didn’t lie about him before, the man is handsome that Mara had to brink several times to be sure he was real or was he a sculpture or a pice of art if he hadn’t moved, then a smiled appeared on his face as he study her, he reminded her of someone she knew and that smile on his face looks like that if Kelvin.
she moved from the door with a professional smile on her face, she straighting her hands in a hand shake as she got to the table, hello Ara Peter, she said.
the man stood up with the smile on his face, he shook her hands firmly, Babs Maxwell.TBC
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