Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 5


After sitting across the table from Maxwell over an hour, Amara could not say she was fed up. the fake smile she had put on her face was becoming even faker and the worst part of it is that the mab responsible for her misery seems not to noticed, she had gone there for business despite she had noticed the man handsomeness which was her body limit inspection for over one hour now. all she had wanted was to get down to business, seal the contract and get out of the office, but the man in question have another thing planned. Amara was sure she hadn’t said up to ten sentence since she came. all she was doing was listening to him, every time she tried to point out they were not discussing why she came there he would bring another topic. and what where they discussing? he had been talking about him self since she step in, and his company, amara would swear she heard him talked about the weather, she wondered how someone so handsome would talk so much. she signed as his voice landed on her ears without actually listening to what he was saying, it was just a second before her patient expired.
you are not listening to me she heard as she lifted her eyes to look at him. am I? she said as she looked at him coldly, sir if u can recall I have been here for the past one hour, and we have not discussed the reason why I am here. I have other appointment and she was glad he didn’t interrupt her, Maxwell smiled and Amara wondered if he frowns at all. this is because there is nothing to discuss he said as he brought out his file from his drawer and passed it to her, it is containing all u need to know about this contract, you can forward the bill to my mail and I will pay , I have seen ur works and I don’t need any conviction, he said with a smile.
Amara bubbled up with anger and she spoke without thinking, so since you know that y did u east two hours of my time? he seems too relaxed and amara found it too annoying.
well I thought you would like to know more about the company so you can protract the essential of brackets with ur design, he pointed out. Amara almost pointed out all he had been talking about was him self, but not the company. but she bite her lips to keep her mouth shut, you are right she said.but u seem to be in haste or did I bore you? he asked.
Amara said no with a fake smile again, just that I have another appointment. thinking about the date made her reason if sitting here with max wasn’t a better option. well thanks for the contract Mr Babs we will get back to you.
mrs bello walked down the road as sun faded into clouds, she was putting on a black gown and the gown sweep the ground as she took a slow step, she got to a lonely bench and sat down, the bench was under a tree providing protection from the sun, over the years she had made the habit of coming here. because this place gave her the peace she had been looking for, she leaned her back on the truck of the big tree closing her eyes as tension slowly oozed away, it has been six years, six years loaded with pains, regret, and loneliness. she had lost everything, her husband , her son and her daughter. no one wanted anything to do with her, even thou she’s still with the senator her husband they were practically strangers living together, they never spoke expect greeting and he doesn’t even reply her.some how getting a divorce would have been better but the senator didn’t give her. all her apologies feel on deaf ears and she’s now living like a stranger in her own home. thou she had access to every thing but the forgiveness she long for she didn’t get it. Lisa had given birth to a baby girl and she’s now married to Alex who didn’t invite her to the naming ceremony. Katherine bello wiped away the years from her eyes, she didn’t know where to find her daughter, maybe if Amara could forgive her the rest people would show mercy.
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