Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 6


Amara got to the confidence plaza at twenty minute pass five she signed . this has got to be the worst day of her year she thought, Maxwell had been so annoying and funny, she always knew that men loves to talk about them self but Maxwell seems like he was advertising him self, showing her how good and resistable he was. she found that so annoying and now she had to face another person. her phone rang and she looked at the caller and or was Tina. and she picked it up, hey Tina she said, hey babe are you there , she said with smile sounding thru are voice.
well am at the place right now , Amara said, OK have fun don’t count on it Amara said and ended the call. it not too late to turn back she said to her self,as she looked at the building. moving inside as she sighted a security man. pls am going to the eatery she said to him and he pointed at the elevator telling her to go to the third floor, she said thank you and walked away. seconds later the door opened and she entered a nice looking restaurant and she walked in with her heart beating wildly , she told her self there was nothing to be scared off
but her heart would not just slow down, she scanned thru the place looking for her date , she saw 27 and it was four steps ahead of her, she saw a man seated there with his back turned to her , she swallowed hard trying to control her breathing. she was still in her office clothes the one she was putting on when she saw Mr Babs, the man seating there was also on suit making it looks like business date,she put on the biggest fake smile as she approach the table, but her smile disappeared as she saw the person seated at the table, you must be kidding me she gaps.
hey , it nice to see u again Amara ,Maxwell said with a mischievous smile.
Alex entered his sitting room with a heavy heart, not knowing what he would meet because his house was always boiling like fire most of the time, other wise it would be cooler than ice. right now he would prefer cooler than ice because he was tired and weak,he sat down with his head dropping at the backrest of the chair, where is this woman he wondered. he prayed that they might be a miracle and she’s not at home, that didn’t happen because he heard her foot steps coming to where he was.
you are here she said advancing to where he was shaking him with fury, and Alex closed His eyes, regretting why he married her. you better open ur eyes oh, it either you kill me today or I kill you because someone will die today as she threw some pictures to him, immediately he saw the pictures he knew that hell will be let loose from today to the end of the month. due to the frustration he encounter at home his frds advice him to seek satisfaction out side and he found himself engaging in three some and picture were taking, but he kept those pictures hiding but nothing was hiding as far as Lisa was involved .
where are those s–t she screamed at him shaking him with all her might and was almost taking him off the chair. who are they or are u deaf?
Alex decided to talk, that none of ur business who gave u the right to search my room.
eeeeeenh see this man oh, she clapped her hands by the time am thru with u, u will not have the mouth to ask foolish questions. I said who are they she squeeze his shirt almost choking him. woman leave my shirt this minute he said with anger, or what? are u going to beat me up,useless man , beat me up now beat me.the sound of cry made them turn to see their child standing there and was watching them, pls stop fighting she pleaded to them still crying. Lisa left Alex shirt and said to him have u seen what u have caused. be
better go to where u are coming Frim because his house will not contain the both of us. come with mummy Pamela she said dragging her crying daughter with her.
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