Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 7


You! I came here to meet you? Amara asked looking surprised as she looked at Maxwell Babs, are u not one lucky woman who got to meet me twice in a day he said with a smile.
no this is not making sense amara thought to her self, she had thought of having a handsome man as a date would be a consolation but it turned at that she would rather be with the ugliest man on earth currently . and why did he not seems surprise?
he had definitely knew she was the one he was meeting, she was the only one blind to this stupid date she thought in annoyance.
why don’t u sit down he said, looking around to tell that people where looking at them. amara angrily sat on a chair opposite to him coldly .
why did u arrange this she asked, wondering if she planned it with Tina to bring her here, he smiled what better way could we get to know each other he asked.
I think u have told me more than I should know about u hoping to get him angry, who knows he might do her the favour to get up with anger and leave her alone, saving her the stress from from another boring conversation. well I intentionally told u all about my self in the office he acknowledged. you did she asked, trying to keep her anger down, yes , so that I can hear all I need to know about u he said to her. amara looked back to him not knowing the correct word to use for him, there is nothing worth your hearing about me, he raised his eyes to look at her, I was hoping ur life would be as interesting as mine, because I had a pretty interesting life right from day one, but I will still like to hear urs. amara looked at him with annoyance, this has to be one of the most annoying man in the word.
A waitress came to serve their food and Amara watched as they openly flirt with Maxwell and he was the center of attraction, she averted her gaze and focus on her food. Maxwell didn’t even ask her what she wanted because he had made the order before she came, she raised her eyes as the waitress shakes her hip when walking away from their table, he laughed and kelvins flashed back to her mind, making her brink many times to remove the image from her head. it not my fault that am so handsome he said to him self, women naturally ran after me. Amara bit her mouth to stop her from replying him angrily. as she focused on her food.
you don’t have to be jealousy thou, he said and I have eyes for one person.
good for you Mr Babs as she raised her fork to
like a vise and looked at him coldly. I would love for you to call me max he said suddenly. I don’t have a reason to call u that she replied, she him, she saw where this was heading and it created a bitter taste in her mouth making her loose her apatite . are you always these uptight Amara he suddenly asked not smiling and yet not frowing.
anger surface thru Amara and she held the knife like a weapon of defiance, somthing went thru her brain and she let her anger go and curiosity took place, who told u my name is Amara? she said because no body knew her full name since she came to Lagos Max had been calling her Amara now and then.
the person who manipulated you into coming this place called you Amara he said. Tina she shouted unintended. and she know the entry of Tina into her life would bring more memory and problems, and she started playing with her food. and she was aware that max was looking at her, you are still yet to tell me about ur self he said to her, because there is nothing to tell, she said to him.but I heard you are single, amara lifted her eyes to look at him wanting nothing to do other than leaving that place. you hear too many thing for ur own good mr Babs
he smiled, you know we are both single and I think it a good thing.
yea it is,
we are perfect for each other am tall , rich , handsome and I have connection with me by ur side u will be more powefull and u are sexy, beautiful and a strong woman and we deserve each other he stated. Amara shook her head and said u are the most egotistic man I have ever meet, how dare you she barked, for the first time she saw a deep frown on his face. she stood up drawing people’s attention to their table, am not for sale handsome freak and if this y u gave me contract u better take it back, I don’t know why I came here and Tina would hear from me. rubbish, she grapped her bag and walked away pressing the elevator
angrily and her blood was running thru are vains and she was sure she would have nervous break down, immediately the door opened she marched away and Max’s words kept repeating on her head as she came out if the plaza .
Amara ” she heard as when turns, and the voice sounds so familiar and that was the last person she’s expecting to see or meet.
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