Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 8


Alex placed his head on his office table totally tired, he should be at home now but he could not think of doing that. the hiland of patomos would be a better place for him than going home,Lisa had been a trone on his flesh and it looks like she’s there to stay, his only consolation is Pamela, she looks like lisa with excess beauty, if only Lisa would match her beauty with good manners his life would not be a living hell. his door was opened and his friend toba walked in running to him. what is going on. is this building on fire? Alex asked. u can’t believe what I just saw toba said, Alex sat up looking at his Frd, it not every day he his this serious, what news?
Toba sat down with his laptop facing Alex, I was going thru the internet looking at things when I saw this site,eventually there is an event planner that is making waves in Lagos due to it standard and conduct, but when I checked it out, but guess who is the founder of the company…..
.cut the crap and just tell me, Alex shouted.
Ur ex wife Amara he said,Alex looked stiffed looking at toba as his words sinked into his head, toba showed him the picture of the person, the woman was putting on a blue gown and a white suits, nothing was like the navie village girl he once knew. although the face was hers showing vividly that the woman before him was a polish and refind woman.
he could not believe his eyes, this….. this is impossible be breathed. toba laughed I could not believe this if I didn’t see it with my own eyes, Alex stood up forcefully and his chair rolled backward with the force. he had spend years searching for Amara all over abuja he had no glue that she’s in Lagos, life had been bad to him just when he was beginning to like his marriage with Amara but she turned out to be his sister and now he is doomed with Lisa. but why did he still wish he can eat the forbidden fruit, despite knowing she was his blood, why was he still having feelings for her?
Amara would have made a good wide , he put his hands on his head, he had to come in terms
that she is His sister, and can only be that.
you said that she’s is in Lagos right?, toba looked st his friend and said oh no man, u are not doing what am thinking mu want to do right?
and y not Alex said looking at the picture again oh she d–n so beautiful
you are crazy Alex toba said and if Lisa finds out ur house would be a living hell. Alex hissed, my Hus is already a living hell and besides she doesn’t have to find out. toba shook his head and y would u go looking for amara u know she’s ur sister, man I know am a bad person but I draw the lines where family is concern. Alex looked at his Frd, who told u I will do something silly and I know she’s my sister I just want her forgiveness.
toba looked at him again,Alex even if u can fool ur self u can’t fool me I know u man.Alex signed and looked at the laptop again and said Lagos.
Amara seemed frozen as she looked at Kelvin standinf some distance From her, he was frozen as well, and gee mind traveled to the last time she was with him, she couldn’t move as she looked into his dark eyes, people around them were looking at them and they didn’t even noticed.
kelvin had been in shock, who could have told him that Amara would be in Lagos. she was nothing Luke the woman he used to know but she’s is still the desame. he saw the woman he had been force to be part ways from six years ago, the woman who had drained his dreams and thought, he looked at her face , her lips he had once kissed.” Ara” he wisperd silently he knew the distance wasn’t much, he could not stand it any longer his legs unlocked and he started running towards her, and Amara did the last he he thought she would do, she turned and started running away with all her might, Amara please wait he shouted, d–n it, her hills made it paonfull but she beard it, she nearly ran passed her car , she pressed the unlock bitten and drove off, kevin didn’t think she had a car, because he rushed to his own car giving her time, she drives her car with shaking hand only to look at the side morrow to find kelvin following her on a top speed she saw a tragic light ahead and prayed for a miracle as she passed kelvins car was held, then she breathes down after driving for ten minute to be sure she wasnt been followed she drived home.
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