Son Of The Orb. Episode 4


I ate the delicacy mum prepared as if that would mark
my last meal on earth. It was so very delicious mum is
the best! Too bad i wasn’t a big eater i ate only two
I finished the meal and went straight to my room for a
short nap, i really need to cool my heated head.
I had no idea how long i was dead asleep until faint barks
of a dog woke me up.
My eyes were red and sleepy. I drew open the window
curtains, just as i envisaged! Dux was out there barking at
ghost knows what.
Dux was the name i gave to my 18 months old dog. Dad
bought her for me as a birthday gift roughly last year.
Still anticipating sweet gifts from him *winks*
my eyes coincidentally hit the clock it was 4:05pm.
My reading period!!!
I flung the bed cover away, changed my wears and
washed my handsome face.
I inserted a pen and book in my grey backpack and
closed to woodened door behind me.
Mum was in the living room watching opera.
Me: mum! Is dad back yet?
Mum: uhm…nope. He have important meetings to attend.
He’d return much later.
Me: okay! I’m off…
Mum: eyes widened# to where, heaven?
Me: nah hell! Hahahaha the library. Its 4pm already!!!!
Mum: i would be home alone. Stay with me?
She asked with funny expression.
Me: i’m not ‘spencer honey’ i said immitating her voice
when im petting mood with dad.
Mum: frown# daddy sounds much more respectful.
Me: …….
Mum: take care of yourself and remember….
Me: go straight to the library, no visiting friends and stay
away from strangers. I completed her slogan and we
both broke into hysterich laughter.
Mum, i’m not a kid anymore. I’m a man! I folded my shirt
showing her my bulging muscles.
Mum: smile# come hell come high water you are my
baby. Its my duty to watch out for you.
Me: time to go.
Mum: forgetting something?
I bent and pecked her on the chin.
Mum: you’ar a great gift Ethan.
Me: what was that?
Mum: whisper# go ahead Ethan.
I jogged out of the house excitedly. I feel blessed to have
my small but sweet and loving family.
Dux ran towards me wagging her brown white stripey tail.
She stretched forth her limbs. I quickly grabbed them
before she stains my neatly ironed shirt.
Dux would stop at nothing to follow me to the library. She
is my sweet little sister, pet and best friend. I can’t refuse
her anything.
I held her chain, she tagged along as we trotted to the
A red brick house came into view. We walked inside
happily. The librarian was used to me, she didn’t ask for
my pass card. Dux and i went to the comics section. I
love reading comics for starters.
The benches were empty, except for a young lad drawn
in his own world.
Lad: geez!!!! Whats a dog doing here? How gross!!!
Dux went about teasing him. He seemed allergic to dogs,
he was fighting her off.
Me: hi!
Lad: yikes! Who own this motherfucker dog?!
Me: hey! Hey! Hey! Thats my dog you’ar talking about.
Lad: your dog? Do dogs read too?
Me: no they don’t but my dog help me to read.
Lad: thats incredible, its zanny, unbelievable, unnatural…
Me: do you realise your in a library? You make too much
noise man.
Lad: yeah, welcome to my world. By the way i’m Frank.
Me: Ethan. We shook hands.
So what are you reading?
Frank: read?! I’m here because mum said so, reading
Me: i don’t think so. I replied smiling.
Frank: computer game rules the world.

He peeped his
wrist watch and smiled.
Time to go, catch you around some other time. He
bounced out cheefully.