Crime And Adventure Episode 13


There was little or nothing I could do at the moment. I walked out of the tub and moved towards the cabinet with the cash. The cabinet on the wall had four cardboards, one of the cardboards had a transparent glass on it. The other opposite wall had a cabinet with just 2 cardboards. It was inside one of the cardboards that I had seen the other carton with the condom. The mirror on the wall of the bathroom had yet another cardboard beneath it.
I brought out the carton with the cash, opened it and took a look at the cash. It was still intact.
Loose bundles of 500 notes occupying almost half of the carton.
I moved the carton with cash into the cardboard under the mirror. I removed all the condoms in the other carton and placed the carton in the cabinet where the cash-carton was. Relieved at my temporary solution, I walked out of the bathroom.
She was fast asleep when I entered the room.
It was still few hours to midnight. I lay on the bed, staring at the walls. I needed a solution to move the money and each time I thought about it, the name ‘Eve’ pops up. The lady was still asleep and there was no need to wake her up.
Again, I reached for the handbag, took the cards and the phone lying on the bed and went out of the room.
The clock hanging at the reception read 10:55pm. The reception hall was still filled with people; drinking, eating and talking. I looked around in search for Eve. How was I going to find her at this big hotel! I needed to ask questions so I went to the young man manning one of the mini-bars at the reception.
“How’s the night going?” I asked with a smile.
“Fine sire! What will you be drinking sir?” He asked elegantly with a smile on his face.
“Hmmm…” I stared confused at the richly stocked bar.
“Recommend one for me.” I said.
He looked around, then smiled as her reached for one of the spirits at the bar and poured a class for me.
He stayed back and watched my face as I swallowed a mouthful.
It was bad! So bad I found it hard to swallow. Spirits wasn’t my brand; hated the damn thing like a february curse but I managed to smile back at him.
“Good!” I proclaimed! “Real good.”
“I knew you would love it.” He teased.
I managed to take another gulp. I wanted him to feel I was his kind, a jolly good fellow. I needed to ask him a favor.
“Where can I see Eve?” I asked.
The expression on his face changed like he was shocked.
“You know her?” He asked.
“Yes, she’s been cleaning my room for some days now.” I said. When the expression didn’t change, I had to make him relax a bit.
“She’s very diligent in her work and I like her person. Want to say goodbye and tell her thank you before leaving tomorrow.” I added.
He relaxed his looks and smiled at me. Maybe he had thought I wanted to make an official complaints or something.
“She works the east blocks and I’m sure she’s on duty because I’ve seen her earlier.” He said.
“East blocks?” I asked.
“Yes, the rooms that way.” He said, pointing towards a part of the hotel.
“If she’s on duty, she will be at the staff common room down there.” He said.
“I can reach her on the intercom if you want.” He volunteered.
“No need for that, I will find my way to her.” I replied.
That was a lot of useful information. I thanked him, payed for the drink, tipped him some money and walked out.
“Your drink!” He called at me as I was making a move towards the east-side.
“I hate spirits!” I said and watched the look on his face change to its default settings.