Crime And Adventure Episode 14


I moved towards the east wing of the hotel. I kept walking around like a lost customer until I saw a map on the wall, indicating I was heading to a restricted area for hotel staff only.
The end of the passage showed another section of the hotel marked out of bounds. The info on the wall indicated it was the Laundry room, kitchen and common room.
I could hear some noise and clattering of plates from the kitchen; and more laughters coming from another part of the condoned area. I sat on the chair inside the corridor and waited.
I didn’t wait long until someone came out of the restricted area. She was surprised as she stopped abruptly in front of me.
“Sir, this is a restricted area.” She said.
“Sorry, but I want to see Eve.” I said, wondering if I would have to tell another lie before I will see her.
“Eve?” She asked.
“Is anything the problem?” She quizzed me once more.
Well, she was a girl and would understand a guy would do insane things for a girl he’s lusting after so I played the love-struck card.
“I know this is against hotel rules but I need to see her and tell her some things that is burning inside me.” I said.
She looked at me like she was beginning to understand.
“Are you lodged here sir?” She asked.
“Yes, saw her once at the hotel entrance and can’t take my mind off her since then.”
“Please just tell her I’m waiting for her here.” I said.
She stared at me for some few seconds.
“Stay here.” She finally said as she turned back towards the restricted area.
Moments later, one of the attendants walked past me. I knew she was staring at me but maintained an innocent face. She got to the end of the corridor, turned and went back to the restricted area. Noah had to send a raven and a dove after the flood to make sure the coast was clear before exiting the ark. The raven had come, I was expecting the dove.
Eve came herself. I stood as she walked across to where I was seated. She was wearing her duty rope, still as beautiful and charming as ever.
“Its you again!” She proclaimed as she got close enough.
“You will end up getting me sacked!” She said with a firm voice.
“I’m sorry, but I needed to see you.” I said.
“What for?” She queried.
Then the ‘dove’ came out; another attendant walking towards us, staring at us as she walked past. I waited until she got to the end of the corridor, turned and walked past us again into the restricted area.
“Is there someplace else we can stay and talk apart from this place?” I asked.
She looked at me like she was getting soft: maybe she believed the tale the other attendant told her, maybe she believed I was there because I was really tripping for her.
Or was I?
I didn’t have the luxury of dueling on both at the same time but if I needed that favor from her, I need to make her believe I was seriously into her.
“Just give me some minutes, is that too much to ask for?” I continued.
She looked at her wrist watch and back to me.
It was obvious she was uneasy where we both were.
“I will be free from nights duty in the next 10mins, wait for me at the lawn-tennis court” She said.
“Were is that?” I asked.
She smiled at me.
“If you want to see me like you said, you will find the place.” She said and walked away.
Just then, the next attendant walked towards us. This isn’t a dove or raven again; I’m sure the parrots have started looking for gossip to repeat.
I took my leave before the ‘parrot’ could come closer.
I went to the atm machine for the withdrawals.
The machine was paying 1000 naira bills so I decided to make the full daily withdrawal of 120k on each account. Two bundles and half was a lot more comfortable in my pocket, although the bulge would be obvious to someone who would look closely enough. I deleted the messages and left the machine.
I asked one of the attendants where the court was and was directed to the courts. It was deserted and only a few people sat at a corner, smoking and drinking. I sat and waited patiently.
When she came, she had removed her work cloth and wore her casual wears.
“You found the place?” She teased as she came to where I was seated.
“You need to see the stress I went to before finally discovering this place.” I joked and she laughed.
“You’ve given my colleagues something to talk about for the rest of the year.” She said.
I knew that was why the raven, dove and parrot kept hovering over me. They wanted to see this ‘love-struck’ guy themselves.
“How did you find me?” She asked.
“I asked around. I really needed to see you.” I answered. She was staring at me. I knew she had lots of questions in her mind: especially the fact I was fvcking an elder lady inside the hotel room.
“When I am done with this fake life I am in, I need something real…as real as you.” I said to her.